Pro Race Calendar

You probably know the Tour of Flanders is this Sunday. But all the other races? With the season busy now and more probably readers today than back in early January, a reminder that you can get the pro cycling calendar for 2024, free to download for your diary or phone. It’s packed with all the men’s and women’s pro races for the road season.

You can view the calendar here in this post and the same thing is posted at all year if you like to bookmark pages, or just look for the menu at the top of the page.

You can also get your own version to download for your phone, desktop organiser etc. The best way is to subscribe so that all updates are quietly pushed out automatically to your diary. Here is the iCal link to copy-paste into your device:

Google/Android users can click on Google Calendar link on the calendar frame above.

It’s free, there’s no spam or anything but the service is provided by Google. For FAQs on the calendar and more tech support about how to subscribe, see

4 thoughts on “Pro Race Calendar”

  1. Unrelated to the calendar, but the very nice photo is from the Capo Noli area on the Milano-Sanremo, and while climbers have more a role in the race these days, the climber on the lower left might not be fully aware of that – and is unlikely to make it in to the Cipressa in time.

    • this is very funny. took me a moment to work out – especially as I thought it was a tree before seeing the figure on the platform to the right.

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