The website’s been out of action for most of the weekend due to tech issues. Sorry.

In case you’re interested on Saturday there were server problems with the web hosting company. Soon after some of the software that helps make this website happen got stuck in a loop and it started pinging the server with more questions than we’ve got for Team Sky. This sent things into frenzy so the hosting company put a restriction on the website to stop people from browsing: you might have seen a prompt to enter a username/password… which of course nobody had.

Loyal readers might have noticed the occasional crash here in recent months and it’s always taken minutes to resolve. This time it took much longer to get help and so the site was offline for most of the weekend. Hopefully things stay upright for the rest of the week.

  • A note for anyone posting comments:  I’ll try to respond as usual but any comments posted between now and some point later in the week could prove volatile, they might be online for a few days but could get lost later on. Presumably nobody is leaving a comment expecting it to be carved in stone for perpetuity but the tech issues mean a few responses between now and later this week could be lost.

13 thoughts on “Sorry”

  1. Good to have you back. After the breathless start to P-N and potentially more crosswinds tomorrow best of luck with the stage preview, I eagerly await your insight and weather forecast!

  2. Glad you got things fixed though I thought you may have decided to require a membership fee to keep the lights on….that didn’t bother me…but I wondered when and how we’d get the sales pitch so we could pony up and get our login details to continue the fun here?
    I’m on a little vacation (sorry, make that “training camp”) at a place with one of those so-called Smart-TV’s so we access YouTube video racing coverage rather than live – but that’s OK as US west-coast time would be way too early for me to get outta bed to watch this stuff live…it’s not like it’s MSR for Pietro’s sake 🙂

    • Good to have u back.

      “and it started pinging the server with more questions than we’ve got for Team Sky.”

      That must be the “best 404 message” and “most creative use of language in a tech report” of the year and the year just got going.

    • Exactly the same thoughts, only so many socks and caps we can buy. I think most of us come to this site for the great writing and insights from both Inrng and the readers that make this such a great destination…it’s all about the bike, so would be happy to contribute.

  3. Thought it was because I was on a small island in the Caribbean for the week and blamed it on the lousy internet…which was actually pretty decent except for streaming live racing so I missed some great ones.

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