The Christmas Holiday Quiz

A Christmas quiz with 40 questions. Some are obvious, some odd, most can’t be Googled and a few are fiendish. By all means have a go and there’s a token prize for the winner but most will probably find fun in the answers that will appear here next week.

1: Name the “Santa” dressed in red pictured above.

2: Name the (sometimes) helper dressed in green(edge) kit below.

That Was The Year That Was
3: Which team won the Giro d’Italia’s “fair play” award for the fewest fines and penalties accumulated during the race?

4: Slow: who finished as lanterne rouge in the Tour de France?

5: Name the one day race that saw a significant diversion to its route because of a landslide on the day of the event?

6: What was the biggest winning margin for the overall classification in a grand tour?

7: Chris Froome famously ran up Mont Ventoux. Name a rider who won a World Tour race by walking their bike across the line.

Nacer Bouhanni

8: What’s Nacer Bouhanni’s victory celebration about?

9: Which pro cyclist took the most wins in 2016?

Whose Legs Are Those?

10 and 11: Name the owners of these legs in the photos above and the photo below.

In the moonlight
12: Ag2r La Mondiale’s capitaine de route Samuel Dumoulin launched a new business venture this year. Doing what?

13: Giant-Alpecin’s Max Walsheid and BMC Racing’s Floris Gerts both wanted to do something else before turning pro. What?

14: Name a pro cyclist who has worked as a police officer.

UCI Commissaire
15: Can a pro team change its clothing design for the second half of the season?

16: What’s the minimum wage for a 27 year old male World Tour rider?

17: What’s the minimum wage for a women’s World Tour rider?

18: When was the last time a rider finished outside the time limit in the Tour de France and was disqualified?


19 and 20: Name the snaking climb above; and the road below that’s so steep following cars are not allowed up.

21: Name three British Tour de France stage winners who were born outside Britain.

22: What was the highest summit finish in the World Tour this year?

23: Which men’s World Tour team has the heaviest road frames?

24: Which squad has team cars with hybrid (combustion/electric) engines?

25: On-board cameras are becoming a thing. Are they included when weighing a bike to check compliance with the UCI’s rule on the minimum weight of 6.8kg of the machine?

Business and Money
26: According to their last published accounts, who has the the bigger budget: Team Sky or the sport’s governing body the UCI?

27, 28, and 29: What line of work is Drapac in? What does Soudal make? What does the Jumbo in Lotto-Jumbo do?

30: Which 1990s pro team was a money laundering front for organised crime?

Christmas Past and History

31: Lucien Bluyau died this year. He was famous in the peloton for handing up drinks to the riders but he’d been a pro in his time. Name a race he won.

32: When was the last time Paris-Roubaix actually started in Paris?

33: The Tour de France has the yellow jersey, the Giro d’Italia has the pink jersey. Name three colours used for Vuelta a España leaders jersey over the years.

34: Alberto Contador’s most recent stage win in the Tour de France was in which year?

35: Name the 1980s rider featured in this mural which was unveiled in Sallanches, France this year?

Family Gathering
36: Like father, like son: name a current male pro cyclist whose father was a pro cyclist.

37: Like father, like daughter: name a current female pro cyclist whose father was a pro cyclist.

38: Like father like grandson: name a current pro cyclist who is the third generation of professional cyclists in their family.

And Finally

39: Which the Tour de France podium finisher is that strutting about on a celebrity dancing TV show?

40: Who’s this rider showing some air?

The Prize
This is a genuine quiz rather an email harvesting attempt. I don’t expect many to try and answer all 40 questions. Still if you want to have a go or maybe readers collectively crowdsource their way together, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below and the deadline is midday Euro Time on Tuesday 27 December. As an incentive the winner gets some packets of Segafredo coffee from Italy and two INRNG supporter caps.

The most correct answers wins and if there’s a tie then a name gets picked at random.

Obviously people can copy off each other which spoils the point of it all but if you want to wheelsuck your way to victory by copying someone else’s answers and then sprinting past them with a final correct answer… …well that’s cycling.

26 thoughts on “The Christmas Holiday Quiz”

  1. Non-Googled, non-guessed answers:

    5. Lombardia
    8. tribute to fellow boxer Mohammed Ali, who had recently died
    10. Peter Sagan
    11. Spaniard or perhaps Columbian whose surname begins with ??B?? and was ridiculed for weight gain. Betencor??
    36. ? Moser son of Francesco Moser, Nicholas Roche son of Stephen Roche, Taylor Phinney son of Davis Phinney, Nicholas Roche’s cousin
    37. Frank Schleck

  2. To reduce a duplication of effort:

    10 is Sagan
    29 is a supermarkt chain
    30 is Roslotto – ZG Mobili (according to this site’s archive)
    33 is orange, white, yellow
    39 is Raimondas Rumsas
    40 is Julian Alaphilippe

  3. 1. Ivan Santaromita
    2. Gracie Elvin
    3. Lotto NL-Jumbo
    4. Sam Bennett
    5. Milan Sanremo
    6. 4’05” Tour de France
    7. Tim Wellens
    8. Death of Muhammad Ali
    9. Timothy Dupont
    10. Peter Sagan
    11. Carlos Betancur
    12. Opened a bakery
    13. Go to medical school
    14. Matt Stephens
    15. yes
    16. 36,300 euros
    17. no minimum wage
    18. Vasil Kiryienka, stage 9 2013 TdF
    19. Lacets de Montvernier
    20. Zoncolan
    21. David Millar, Chris Froome, Bradley Wiggins
    22. Andorre-Arcalis
    23. Lotto NL-Jumbo
    24. Europcar
    25. Yes
    26. UCI
    27. Property funds managements
    28. Adhesives
    29. Supermarkets
    30. Roslotto – ZG Mobili
    31. Tour of Belgium
    32. 1965
    33. Red, yellow, orange
    34. 2009
    35. Laurent Fignon
    36. Taylor Phinney
    37. Shara Gillow
    38. Mathieu van der Poel
    39. Raimondas Rumsas
    40. Julian Alaphilippe

  4. 1 Santaromita (or however you actually spell that)
    3 Sky
    4 Farrar
    5 Milan San Remo
    7 Wellens
    8 Arrogance? Misplaced aggression?
    9 Cavendish
    10 Sagan
    11 Betancur
    14 Degenkolb
    15 Yes – one change a year
    16 There isn’t one
    17 There isn’t one
    18 2014
    19 Laccets…
    21 Froome Sciandri Wiggins
    23 Lotto-Jumbo
    24 Movistar
    25 no
    26 Sky’s
    27 Drapac – mining?
    28 Soudal – holidays
    29 Jumbo – cheap supermarket
    30 USP – smell the satire
    33 yellow, gold, red
    34 2010
    35 Fignon
    36 Roche
    38 van der Poel, if cyclocross is allowed
    39 Lord knows

  5. To the people answering Mathieu Van Der Poel on question 38, he’s riding for a continental team Beobank-Corendon…. so as such he’s not a pro – I think.

  6. 1 Ivan Santaromita
    2 Gracie elvin
    3 Lotto nl Jumbo
    4 Sam bennett
    5 Milan san remo
    6 Tour de france 4:05
    7 Diego rosa
    8 Boxing, more specifically Muhammad Ali
    9 Timothy dupont
    10 Peter sagan
    11 Carlos betancur
    12 boulangerie / patisserie
    13 Doctor
    14 dayer quintana
    15 Yes
    16 36300 euros, probably isn’t a neo pro at 27
    17 There isn’t one
    18 Vasil Kiryienka in stage 9 of 2013 tour
    19 Lacets de montvernier
    20 Zoncolan
    21 Chris froome, bradley wiggins, mark cavendish
    22 Solden in the tour de suisse
    23 Lotto nl jumbo
    24 Direct energie
    25 yes
    26 Team sky
    27 Property funds management
    28 Producer of silicone and caulking
    29 Supermarket
    30 Roslotto – ZG mobili
    31 Amateur tour of belgium
    32 1939
    33 Red, yellow, and orange
    34 2009
    35 Laurent Fignon
    36 Taylor phinney
    37 Shara gillow
    38 Rick zabel
    39 Raimondas Rumsas
    40 Julian alaphilippe

  7. 1: Ivan Santaromita. 2013 National Championships Italy – Road Race.
    2: Gracie Elvin (Orica Bike Exchange). Fleche Wallonne women (April 20, 2016).
    3: Team Lotto NL – Jumbo
    4: Sam Bennett (Bora Argon 18), 174th, 94h 22′ 02”, + 05h 17′ 14”
    5: Milano – San Remo. (March 19, 2016)
    6: Chris Froome won Le Tour by 4m 05s over Romain Bardet
    7: Diego Rosa (Astana) Stage 5 – Orio – Arrate (Eibar). 56th Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco
    8: Bouhanni pays tribute to Muhammad Ali. 1st stage of Critérium Dauphiné (June 6, 2016)
    9: Timothy Dupont: 15 victories
    10: Peter Sagan (Tinkoff).
    11: Carlos “Bananito” Betancur (former AG2R, now in Movistar)
    12: A bakery: “La boulangerie-pâtisserie Les Dumoulin”.
    13: They wanted to become doctors
    14: John Degenkolb (Team Giant–Alpecin), Hugo Houle (AG2R La Mondiale) and Dayer Quintana (Movistar).
    15: No. “Each team may have only a single design for clothing (colours and layout) which may not be altered for the duration of the calendar year.”
    16: €36 300
    17: There is not a minimum wage
    18: July 18, 2014: 13th stage. Alexander Porsev
    19: The Lacets to Montvernier, also known as the Col du Chaussy.
    20: Monte Zoncolan.
    21: Bradley Wiggins (born in Ghent, Belgium), Christopher Froome (born in Nairobi, Kenya), David Millar (born in Mtarfa, Malta)
    22: Sölden, 7th stage of Tour de Suisse. 2 669 m.
    23: Lotto NL-Jumbo
    24: Direct Energie (Toyota,s hybrid car)
    25: Yes.
    26: It’s depend on exchange rate. Team Sky’s budget for the year 2015: £24.4 million. UCI’s budget for the year 2015: CHF 34.97 million.
    27: Drapac Capital Partners is a property funds management business.
    28: Soudal: Experts in Sealants, Adhesives and PU Foams.
    29: Jumbo: Supermarkets.
    30: Roslotto – ZG Mobili.
    31: Amateur Tour of Belgium in 1947
    32: 1965. “From its beginning in 1896 until 1967 it started in Paris and ended in Roubaix; in 1966 the start moved to Chantilly; and since 1977 it starts in Compiègne,about 85 kilometres (53 mi) north-east from Paris centre.”
    33: “In 2010 it became red. In years past it has been orange, white and yellow too.”
    34: July 19, 2009. 15th Stage, Pontarlier – Verbier
    35: Laurent Fignon.
    36: Julien Bernard (Trek-Segafredo) is the son of Jean-François Bernard.
    Moreno Moser, son of Diego Moser.
    Nicolas Roche, son of Stephen Roche.
    Taylor Phinney, son of Davis Phinney.
    Fränk Schleck, son of Johny Schleck
    Rick Zabel, son of Erik Zabel.
    Boy and Danny van Poppel, sons of Jean-Paul van Poppel.
    Tony Gallopin, son of Joël Gallopin
    37: Jessie Daams, daughter of Hans Daams
    Jessie Walker, daughter of Chris Walker
    38: Rick Zabel, son of Erik Zabel and grandson of Detlef Zabel
    Mathieu van der Poel, son of Adrie van der Poel and grandson of Raymond Poulidor
    39: Raimondas Rumšas, 3rd in Tour de France 2002.
    40: Julian Alaphilippe

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