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Enjoying the regular race previews? Want to support the work that goes into them or just fancy some new cycling kit for spring that helps out? Either way it’s time to rattle the collection tin here once again.

A reminder that supporter jerseys, caps and socks are available from UK shop Prendas Ciclismo. The price is £55 (roughly $78 / €70) plus postage. The short sleeve jerseys are made by Santini and the Prendas website has all the info with good details on sizing and more.

Caps are available in black or white and have been available in two sizes but the larger ones have sold out. To get your hands on one visit the shop. The price is £7.50 (about $10 / €10) plus postage which depends on the destination.

INRNG socks

There are socks too. What you see is what you get, they’re black and have a 75mm medium high cuff. They’re made in Italy from Coolmax and Lycra from Prendas Ciclismo at the price of £6.95 (about $10 / €9).

That’s It
A frequently asked question is for more kit, new products or a different design. For now none of this is going to happen, the existing kit has surpassed expectations for sales. If there is anything new in the future it’ll be front page news on here. Readers have also asked about a “tip jar” or some other way to make donations and this is still being looked into, setting up a website to take payments isn’t revolutionary but it is a step up there’s more to it than first seems.

Cap in hand donation
The sales revenue is split between Prendas and me meaning if you buy a jersey you get some nice kit but also help support this website and help keep the wheels turning. This isn’t a commercial venture but there are costs like website hosting, bandwidth, the Cor Vos photo account and more. Kit sales make running this blog like cycling with a tailwind.

A big thanks to all those who have bought items already and it’s a joy to see the kit all around the world.

25 thoughts on “Shop and Support”

  1. Been a big fan of your blog for 3-4 years. Read pretty much every post. Would be keen to support it by purchasing a jersey but living in dreary England a black top fills me with safety concerns. I know black is trendy and cool, but so is staying in one piece.

    Any chance of a jersey in brighter colours?

  2. For the “tip jar” it can be as simple as setting up a donate button via paypal.

    About 30 minutes max to set one up, then just paste code into sidebar widget. People can then donate through paypal including by credit card if they don’t have a paypal account.

  3. The caps are good quality and well worth the price (especially as they help to support this wonderful blog). Am going to treat myself to a jersey soon.

    Shame the large caps are sold out, though – I wanted a black version to go with my white one.

    Seb-C is right about the tip jar, Inrng…it’s easy to set up & it sounds like there’s a growing number who’D like to be able to chip in.

    Thanks, as always, for your great work.

  4. Some feedback – This will most likely be taken the wrong way but the sleeves are way too short, almost like wearing a singlet/vest, need another 2 inches on the sleeves at least. Also sacrilegious not to have matching bibs, i’m sure the kit is selling well, so why not?

    • Hi Oompa

      As Ben mentions, I believe we’ve got the fit just right here. There is a bit of a current trend for some (mainly aero) s/s jerseys to have longer arms but this is more of a traditional European cut.

      To say it’s like wearing a singlet is not really a true reflection of the product.

      Kind Regards

      Prendas Ciclismo

  5. My triple-pack of socks arrived today. I hope it’s not too heretical to run in them as well as bike… First outing tomorrow morning, thank you!

  6. I think this came up in the comments on the last one of these too (not from me!):

    Can we have large caps back please? Some of us are a little more than 58cm and the regular are uncomfortably snug.

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