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You can support this website by purchasing kit. Loyal readers will know there’s no hard sell, just a reminder once every month or two and if many have bought already it’s fine to read without buying. The profit from kit sales are split between the shop and this site and help keep things spinning here.

Given winter is approaching for many it’s probably best to plug the socks, the INRNG supporter socks are good on a summer’s day but work well under overshoes and the black comes in handy for the winter grime. Will they make you go faster? Probably not but you can chip in something if you like the calendar or the idea of some else reading the UCI rule book so you don’t have to.

What you see is what you get, they have a 75mm medium high cuff. They’re made in Italy from Coolmax and Lycra. They’re for sale with UK shop Prendas Ciclismo.

The price is £6.95, roughly €9.70 / $10.60 plus postage and the Prendas website has them in several sizes. The kit has sold very well but there are no plans for shorts, t-shirts or other branded items, nor white kit and so on, first this stock must be sold.

Here are the links to the current items via Prendas:

INRNG jersey

Thank-you too all readers who have bought some kit and it’s been a pleasure to see photos from readers around the world, turning typing into something altogether more real and to find readers meeting and greeting each other out in the roads.

14 thoughts on “Supporter Kit”

  1. Thank you as always. As winter beckons it’s probably worth mentioning that the white caps stay white for a surprisingly long time, being more resistant to the beige plague that afflicts cheaper products. The whole range is good quality gear.

  2. Faster for sure! The black heats the air, lowering the air density around the wearer and therefore increasing speed. The white provides a cooling panel that generates a Venturi effect. Combined, they are responsible for extraordinary marginal gains.
    According to my engineering study. Results in the real world may vary.

    Faster for sure.

  3. Bought some socks the other week and they arrived in less than 24 hours (mainland UK)! In case anyone is wondering these are thin cycling socks but not ultra thin and they are a nice wicking blend. Prendas has lots of other stuff so it’s worth a look. Low stock of armwarmers which is a shame for winter but the jersey looks the goods and there are heaps of sizes. Thanks inrng

  4. I bought some socks and a jersey. Love them. I did have to switch out the jersey, sizes run a little large. As a 6’2″ 180lb man with a preference for race-fit the Large was too large.

  5. Had my eye on the fine looking jersey since it came out. Just managed to persuade myself it was a suitable early Christmas present and worthy cause that will coincidentally match a new incoming bike, nice work!

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