Thanks to Trek

Thanks to Trek for sponsoring the site for June, as ever sponsorship makes a big difference here and is always worthy of a personal thank-you.

Trek’s ad campaign is for a new bike to be launched on 30 June. We might have seen it already in the Dauphiné… but you can sign-up to get all the info.

Bauke Mollema Trek Madone 9

New models often get launched in the Tour de France, it’s a great shop window. They can appear in stealth before, allowing riders and mechanics to test them in race conditions. Trek Factor Racing’s Bauke Mollema was spotted on a new bike in the Dauphiné.

Integration: We’ll see how the trial of disc brakes goes later this year and there’s increasing talk of the UCI revising the 6.8kg minimum weight rule but the trend for 2016 bikes seems to be a leap in aerodynamics thanks to greater integration. You can see it in the Trek that’s coming and other manufacturers are exploring this too. Bikes are an assembly of components with a frame acting as a rig for other parts to be bolted, clamped and pressed on. It works well on a functional level and the individual parts have come on leaps and bounds whether the frame itself or the components. Now we’re design to turn component parts into into a unit, whether it’s the way the fork and headtube unite, internal braking systems or running the brake cables inside the bars and frame from the lever to the caliper. It’s total design rather than the sum of the parts.

Thanks: As ever sponsorship helps the wheels keep turning here whether bandwidth, photography accounts and a new laptop. It’s not all on IT hardware, real wheels get turned too for recon rides to check out stages of the Giro, Dauphiné and Tour. Fun in itself of course and these help the race previews. Thanks to Trek and their UK office for the support.

Win: finally if you’ve made to the foot of this note then a fitting small reward of a giveaway competition for some INRNG socks. Pick the winner of today’s Halle-Ingoigem race in Belgium (procyclingstats has the startlist). Rules:

  • leave your answer in the comments below (not Twitter or email please)
  • All comments left before 4.30pm Euro time are valid
  • the winner or closest pick wins
  • in the event of a tie, a name gets selected at random


87 thoughts on “Thanks to Trek”

  1. Moreno Hofland

    Thanks Trek for helping keep the best source of information in cycling up and running! Will be looking at the presentation on the 30th.

  2. Hmmm… missed the contest. Interesting contrast between the Madone 9 and the new Specialized Venge. Both bikes are very attractive. Key question on the Madone 9 is how durable that brake flap is. Meanwhile Specialized has a novel brake placement which they claim results in better modulation due to reduced wheel flex at the new brake position. It will be interesting what Tour magazine says when they put the two in the wind tunnel.

  3. Many picks for Bouhanni, they were copied into a spreadsheet and a random line picked: “Favad” wins.

    The win will help Bouhanni’s confidence even more ahead of the Tour, it’s a draining race with the Tiegemberg (a climb but no cobbles) tackled again and again.

  4. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the thanks! We’re proud to support the work of Inrng, and like you feel that it’s one of the best sources of information out there, and hence worthy of all the support given to it by everyone who sponsors the site.

    There is a ton of information that will be released about the new Madone next week, along with three other mountain bikes. For those of you who really like to geek out, the white paper will be available showing all of the wind tunnel data, and information about how the final version of the bike was designed. Needless to say, it is very slippery into the wind. But, it’s also very comfortable, and will feature our usual wide range of fit options.

    Stay tuned. You should start to see info coming out in the evening on June 30th.

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