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There’s a blank space for one advert on this website. It could be your chance to reach over one hundred thousand intelligent cycling fans every month.

Housekeeping note: you can already help by buying a supporter cap and there’s a jersey project being explored right now too, news on this soon.

Some have expressed an interest in a “tip jar” to donate. This too is being worked on but I’m in two minds, as welcome as your contribution would be, I suspect most people would feel that once they’ve donated that’s it for, say, a year. But the blog has ongoing costs and I don’t want to keep rattling the donation jar at readers as it would annoy. Regular ads mean more regular income.

inrng.com ad
Back to business as there is space on here for one advert, see the box on the top right occupied by the ad for Seven Cycles as an example. They’re among several sponsors to make repeat bookings.

What do you get? The specification is as follows:

  • An exclusive 240 x 240 pixel ad across all pages on the classic and mobile version
  • It’s your space for static or dynamic content
  • Content can be rotated as often as you like
  • The RSS and email feed gets a “sponsored by” footer with your logo
  • Monthly booking is preferred, longer periods available
  • An advertorial message on the blog and Twitter to say thanks for sponsoring

Who do you reach?

  • Over one hundred thousand readers in USA, UK, Australia and Canada, then various European nations
  • More than 50,000 followers on Twitter
  • 5,000 subscribers via RSS and email

If you or your business are interested and would like to learn more or make a booking, please get in touch by email and we’ll take things from there.


33 thoughts on “Sponsor The Inner Ring”

    • +1 Since we share “pedala forte, mangia bene” with just a max of 100 clients each year, popping for the advertising is just too big a spend for us, so count us as voting YES for the “tip jar” idea though I don’t like that terminology much. “Support INRNG” on the button would be much better so I could click there and contribute using Paypal. I’m not talking about piddly per unit profits from the sale of cycling caps, but more like what we happily pay to have the wonderful Rouleur magazine shipped to our US office. That’s the only print mag we happily pay for and INRNG would nicely fit in the online category for us. I think others with similar disposable income levels would happily do the same?

      • Instead of Tip Jar, there was a blog that had “Feed Fafblog” above a Paypal button.

        Maybe we could pay for a subscription? What could prove our appreciation more than paying a regular subscription for a free site?

      • There’s no sizing guide yet, but do you know if custom or extra tall sizing will be available? I don’t consider myself extraordinarily tall and thin for a cyclist (I’m 1m86 and 77 kg) but apparently clothing manufacturers do, as most jerseys I try on are a little too short or a little too wide. Vermarc did special tall sizes on the long sleeve jerseys when we ordered our club gear, that made me very happy.

        • I see it’s made by Santini, so I’ll assume it’ll be the same size as my other Santini jersies. Matching bibs would be an absolute deal maker for me. I’ll have to buy some plain black bibs to wear with this, anyway (my other bibs are club or shop colours).

          Also, because the arm warmers are also by Santini, I’ll assume they aren’t long and skinny enough (I’ve tried Santini arm warmers before).

  1. Have you thought about musettes, to complement the caps?

    I’d have thought the start up costs should be much lower than for jerseys.

  2. Got the oppy cap, arm/leg warmers, socks and mitts would be an welcome option as I always wear my club gilet/jersey which is also black/white.

    • oops just checked out the Jersey, Uber cool and see that arm warmers already available. Thats the August Bday pressie request sorted 🙂

  3. The jersey will sell out, Mr Inrng. I hope you commissioned enough of them.

    Idea #1: a summer version, with inverted colors.
    Idea #2: SOCKS, man!

    keep up the awesome work. I’ll get me one of those jerseys when it comes out.


  4. As someone that’s relatively new to cycling (~2 years) that got into it to get into shape and then got interested in pro cycling as a result, this site has been a great source of information for a new guy. Keep up the great work and April can’t come soon enough for the jerseys. Great weather in California right now!

  5. I’d buy that jersey instantly, if I knew it would fit a bit better than the first cap (heck even the large one was a bit to the small side and I don’t consider my head to be big) I ordered 😉 I’d say I’m a normal medium size (178cm/63kg).

    A more direct way to help would also be cool.

  6. I’d buy a cap, but I already have one. On the rare occasions the weather in the the UK requires it, I protect my Pantani-esque head (all I share with him sadly) from the burny sunshine with a nice Chapeau! number:


    Pretty sure I found them via an advert here though, so that worked.

    Since we’re all looking for ways to give you money for your awesome blog, I’d humbly suggest some //INRNG-emblazoned bar tape if that’s do-able – mine is getting a bit grubby & frayed.

    Same black + white style as the cap, bike is rather too colourful already!

    • We have no plans to offer an alternative colour at present.

      We have opted for something that we feel looks stylish and that will sell in sufficient qty so that the INRNG blog will financially benefit.

      We certainly didn’t want to go with Footon/Tonton Tapis/Castorama inspired jersey design! 🙂


      Andy @ Prendas

  7. Inrng, I am not at all aware of what the infrastructure of the “tip jar” entails- and maybe we should refer to it with more elegant nomenclature commensurately befitting the quality of your output.

    With regard to your point about giving a tip and feeling secure for a year: I bought a cap, but I cannot imagine for a second that I have adequately ponied up for a week of visiting your site on an almost daily basis, much less a year. Subtracting the production cost of the cap, I probably bought you a turn of the pedal, half of a gel, a few keyboard strokes, a sip of Leffe.
    For those of us with far too much stuff in the way of kit, a donation link or subscription would seem to give you the most efficient use of our contribution. I personally get enough out of your writing and from the opportunity to opine in the company of courteous community- insanely rare online- that I do not feel the need to have something tangible in return. Just my $.02.

    You could have tiers: “The Breakaway,” “Chase One,” “Sprint Train.”
    Your highest donor gets to wear the rainbow avatar for a year…
    ..and public shaming of “The Grupetto” 🙂

    Have you considered an oligarch?

    • Plus one with Elvis. I have to much cycling shit, bikes in the attic!

      I feel like I need to feed your musette.

      Keep up the wonderful work and passion, let us help as we can.

  8. The followers of this INRNG blog are also spread out through Asia, Australia and the MENA (middle east north Africa) region as well, I’m sure. For me, it’s the only means to communicate with other human beings about my passion for cycling. Of course, I am assuming you are all (mostly) human, in one form or another. Do we have enough supporters for crowd-funding an INRNG Cycling Team? If you want to remain the mysterious unknown “oligarch” team owner who became wealthy via an Internet Tipping Jar, then so be it!

  9. I have been banned from purchasing any more jerseys, however I will face the wrath of the wife to order the Inrng one. The colour flashes on the reverse are very nice and anything the supports the site and keep the writer independent from commercial pressures gets a thumbs up from me.

  10. It’s difficult. As much as I would like to support this blog directly, I like it more the way it is now: Companies paying for space, people pay for stuff they can wear or not wear. I don’t like the dynamics that can (not have to, but can) be set in motion if people pay for content. For example, I would never want IR feel that he has to put something out, because damn, this week so many people have suscribed! So personally I feel it is better the way it is now, where we can give money, but it isn’t directly linked to the blog/content (even if it is in our hearts).

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