Thanks to Trek

Every site sponsor gets thank-you note and Trek have been here in July and August with a promotion for the new Emonda frame.

There’s also a reminder about the supporter caps and your chance to win one below too.

Trek have revamped their road range with the new Domane and Emonda frames this year and the firm is one of the manufacturers to have its own pro team. Readers following pro cycling will know Trek Factory Racing for their road team and there is the formal UCI ProTeam with its World Tour licence. But there’s also a wider squad with triathlon and mountain biking teams too.

You might see “just” a square box with an ad but this keeps the wheels turning. Sponsorship and ads make this site work, quite literally during the Tour de France when there are so many readers that there are extra bandwidth charges, the hosting company said there were up to 30 readers a second during July and there was a consequent drain on bandwidth. You might have got “error establishing database connection” error messages from time to time, hopefully this is fixed or reduced.

Luckily all the income doesn’t just go on IT hardware. It helps with detours to visit race courses for example several stages of the Tour de France to pick out hidden climbs in the Vosges or get the measure of the final time trial course. Looking ahead it’s helped with upcoming races like the Farrapona stage of the Vuelta and the Ponferrada course for the World Championships, fun to ride and helpful for previews. Thanks to Trek and their UK office for the support, they’ve been sponsors in April and last summer too.

On the subject of housekeeping, a reminder that new supporter caps are coming. There will be the option for a large one and also for a white one too. If you want and if you can, you can sign up online with Prendas as this helps them measure the demand – they promise it’s just to see how many people might be interested, it’s neither a pledge to buy from you nor are they harvesting your email address for marketing. Thanks for all the support so far.

Win a cap: finally if you’ve made it this far to read a note of thanks, here’s a small reward: pick the winner of Thursday’s Vuelta Stage 6 to win an INRNG cap and a bonus surprise too… don’t get your hopes up, it’s not an Emonda frame. Rules:

  • leave your answer in the comments below (not Twitter or email please)
  • the winner or closest pick will win
  • in the event of a tie, a name gets selected at random
  • get your answer in before 5.00pm Euro time on Thursday

277 thoughts on “Thanks to Trek”

  1. Dear INRNG, thank you for all your excellent work on this blog.
    Thank you Trek, for seeing the value in this blog and ivesting your advertising moneys in it. One day- perhaps soon and largely due to the above kind of support- I will seize to begrudge you for how you treated Mr. Lemonde.
    Who will win tomorrow’s stage? Crystal ball says to forego the surprise prize and just thank INRNG for all his excellent work. Crystal ball knows best..

  2. Rodriguez! (I’m hoping, anyway.)

    Thanks for your work on this site, Inrng. I learn so much.

    And thanks to Trek for sponsoring. I might be tempted by a new bike, but my 9 or so year old Pilot keeps me smiling and has a lot more miles to go (barring bad accidents!)!

  3. Froome

    Given that tomorrow’s stage isn’t that open, may I suggest predicting top 3 to reduce the possibility/number of draws for future events? If there’s a draw on 1st place, then 2nd & 3rd prediction can be used to choose the winner. That might creat more work of course.

    Anyway, thanks for the excellent blog.

    • Definitely think he could be the real darkhorse. He has absolutely nothing to lose – not fighting for the GC at all, only 20 years old, and after his showings in the Tour of Langkawi and Route du Sud one can see he has the class when the road gets steep.

  4. Go Rigo Go! Uran Uran and his Friend Carlos B. will break away some time before Finish. on the final climb the favorites around quintana get nearer and nearer, Rigo tries to get Carlos to the Line but its too much for him, Betancur loses Urans wheel and gets caught exhausted by the favorites, rigo goes on, hes almost spent but manages to finish two seconds before a fast approaching rodriguez.

  5. Cor Blimey! You mention free stuff and the commenst go wild.

    I haven’t a clue who’ll win, probably one of the big three, but I’m hope someone Joaquim Rodriguez gets it, just to mix it up.

  6. Samuel Sánchez. He’ll make an effort to break free downhill at 115km. After that it’s a matter of keeping enough distance until 150km. Downhils are his forté, so he should be able to keep the distance until the final climb…

    • Yay! Didn’t think there was a chance Valverde would win when he started pull so early but amazing win and that 16.7% drawing chance was on my side it seems:)

      Thanks so much for this and for your awesome blog!

  7. Only 5 or 6 votes for the Green Bullet by my quick count. Perhaps this was a poll of “who would you like to see win?” rather than picking the actual winner? I used to like this guy until he was nabbed for the blood doping and refused to admit he’d been caught. Does he have enough form and audacity to create a LeMond vs Hinault or Contador vs Armstrong scenario against Quintana? Big stakes as I think he’s yet to sign a contract for 2015? Or does he already have assurances he’ll be the top dog on Alonso’s new team, so he’s ripe to stick it to Movistar and their new boy?

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