Cavendish IQ Competition: The Answer and The Winners

Thanks for all the entries. Now the moment many are waiting for: what is Mark Cavendish’s IQ and who wins the big prize?

Mark Cavendish IQ

The score is 128 according to Daniel Friebe, the writer who helped turn Mark Cavendish’s thoughts, speech and notes into At Speed.

A genius? Well you can make your eyes glaze over with discussion on Wikipedia and beyond about IQ tests, their scores and more. But on every count it means Cav’s score is well above average. But the point isn’t to analyse Cav’s brainpower like a coach pouring over an SRM file, nor whether Cav sat the test in icy exam conditions or on his iPad in an airport lounge … it’s to give away three copies of the book and a signed jersey.


Cycling podium

  • 1st prize: browndog wins the signed jersey and the book
  • 2nd-3rd photofinish: Alice and a Ben F copy of At Speed each

Congratulations. Please send an email with your name and address to claim your prize:

20 thoughts on “Cavendish IQ Competition: The Answer and The Winners”

  1. You know, if it weren’t for the ‘genius’ comment (he’s a highly intelligent guy, Cav, but 128 isn’t ‘genius’ in any classification) this somewhere around what I would have guessed. But then perhaps if my own IQ were higher I’d have appreciated that Cav’s opinion of himself was never likely to be an underestimate!

    Thanks, INRNG, for a great blog and a great competition.

  2. Until I realized that Daniel Friebe wrote the book I thought 1st prize should be one copy, 2nd prize two copies, etc. It’ll be interesting to see how the Manx Missile gets on with the team now that they’ve brought in some hopes for GC in the Grand Tours. I thought the attention given to that (at Cav’s expense, at least in his opinion) was a big reason he bailed out on his previous squad – now it seems he’s back in the same situation? Of course things could be worse, imagine finding out that Oleg Tinkov is now your boss…they could make a TV show in Russia titled – Вы открыли!

    • I am not sure that the situation at OPQS is quite the same as Sky. Sky had always stated that winning the Tour was their primary aim whereas OPQS are primarily concerned with the Spring Classics. I can’t imagine they are going to prioritise Uran over Cav at the Tour, in fact I would be surprised if they even send Uran there.

      Of course if Cav has another (relatively) bad Tour then they might be more tempted to hedge their bets with a serious GC contender.

    • I think given that Petachi and Renshaw have been brought in I think it’s safe to say that they’re putting a lot on Cav. imo Uran is there to either be a lone wolf and win stages in the tour, or to be backed for the Giro / Vuelta. I doubt very much that Cav will do the Giro this year as he was only in it last year for the red (?) jersey to complete the set.

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