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Every sponsor of this site gets a note of thanks and it’s now time to say thanks to Trek who are here for July. The bike company hardly needs an introduction but all the more reason to be grateful for their support.

The association with Lance Armstrong was a deterrent for me but in recent years the facts have changed so I’ve changed my mind. The new models are attractive, especially the Madone with the rear brake placement by the bottom bracket which is aesthetic but structural too given the stiffness of this area of the bike. And if looks are important to you, see the Project One concept which offers custom bikes with spec, styling and fit.

Trek supply Radioshack-Leopard now and MTN-Qhubeka and in 2013 we’ll see the Trek name replace Radioshack, I don’t know what the team will be called but think “Trek Pro Cycling” etc.

If this blog post sounds like an ad… it is. I’ve been limiting space on here to one ad only because sites with flashing content and pop-ups tend to put me off. With only one ad, support from the likes of Trek feels more sponsorship. And in turn each sponsor gets a public note of thanks. So thanks Trek!

Ad revenue’s essential for this site. There are photos to pay for and there are now so many readers – yes, you – that the bandwidth is an issue, an extra cost. Also the revenue allows for investment, for example a detour to the Alps to check out the stages of the Tour and take notes. It’s why yesterday’s piece was able to suggest the Sarenne wasn’t really that wild… and the same planning means tomorrow’s preview will warn of the hardest stage in the race.

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      • INRING please keep up the good work maybe set up a donation tag ( if not there already I could be blind)
        Only days to go to end of Tdf and I’m getting withdrawals already. We can only feel sorry and wonder what has happened to the rest of the Pelaton this year have they all missed the time gaps

  1. Well, we all know INRNG meant July !

    I have to agree about the ‘clutter’ on some sites – cyclingnews comes to mind. Many thanks for an excellent site with unique content. Thanks also to Trek, even if I still have reservations in view of their conduct through the LA years.

  2. I really like your site so I am normally inclined to purchase goods from your sponsors. But I will never forget how badly Trek have treated Greg Lemond during his just fight with Lance — which was about the integrity of cycling, lets not forget. Trek sided with the cheat and did their best to destroy Greg Lemond financially. Very nice.
    I sold my Trek then and will never purchase anything made by them again. Just my 2 centimes.

  3. the presentation of the site and lack of ads all over the place is one of the many factors that makes it a very enjoyable read every article. so thanks to you for that and all your advertisers/sponsors who help make that practical.

    for what its worth, i recently bought a madone 7 series and its fantastic!

  4. This is by far the best cycling website on the internet, and, since magazines are instantly out of date the moment they’re published, in my opinion therefore the best and most up to date cycling source I’ve found. Your writing, commentary, profiles and Twitter activity are all top notch!

    • +1, and I for one think that the quality of the reporting draws the more informed cycling fan (all of you, not including myself here) which, in turn, creates a pretty enjoyable and informative comments section to supplement each piece.

      Thanks to those readers who offer insight and opinion, together with the odd contribution from Inrng’s all-star black book (see 2r for a taste of his/her peer group), the debate generated is leagues ahead of the usual forums.

      Win-win, thanks.

  5. Thanks Trek. This is a great site and blog and it’s good to see a corporate heavyweight (in cycling terms) helping it out.

    Obviously thanks to INRG too!

  6. Thanks to Trek for making an affordable quality carbon road bike, Madone 5.2 with ultegra. My first new bike for 15 years after too long on a classy but aging steel frame.

    But how do I remove the ‘7 times tour winner’ decals…?

  7. Well done Trek! I ride an old aluminium Trek, had it around 13 years, obviously due to upgrades and wearing things out only the frame is original. Which is how the dealer sold it to me, by the best frame you can afford and upgrade it. It’s a great bike that has given me countless days of pleasure. When I can afford a new one, a Trek will be one top of my option list.

  8. Sorry INRNG great site but shame you had to take the TREK dollar – apprecaite you have to pay the bills.
    Mind you shame Chris, Bradley et al had to take Murdoch’s grubby cash as well.
    Sorry let’s stick to cycling 🙂 great tour so far and great coverage from INRNG.

  9. Unfortunately for me, I especially make sure to never buy stuff by Trek and its subsidairies.

    Trek stood by Lance Armstrong far far too long after everybody knew. And, as many stated above, how can we forget the Greg Lemond saga??

    It’s a shame because I am a big fan of Cancellara, but will still refrain from buying Trek products.

  10. Thanks Inrng, thoughtful insight, alternative views intellectual as opposed to the sometimes emotional / press rerelase recycling journalism we come across in some other sites & publications. Like many inrng are the morning “brain intervals” that I look forwrd to.

    Thanks Trek. I concur with most of the opinions about your treatment of Lemond and backing LA too long when there was enough smoke to know there was afire there. Whilst we all make mistakes, I trust taking some flack for past mistakes will not deter you from putting good energy & dollars back into the sport via Inrng, sponsoring some teams, researching better technology, supporting and encouraging the clean up of our beautiful sport long into the furture.

    Sorry do not like the LTRSH colour, looks dated from Stage 1, but maybe that is beacuse watching in the middle of the night for 19 days plays havoc with you colour tastes! From a marketing point of view, good call, poeple have noticed and I much prefer it to polka dot shorts, will be in therapy for ages getting those out of my brain.

  11. My first real bike was an aluminum Trek. I loved that thing. It fit me so well. I sold it to a friend and have tried (and been denied) to buy it back.

    Also, the things Trek are doing with built-in cadence / speed sensors are fantastic.

    And, of course, they have the great taste to support this website, which is a great read.

    The kicker: as everyone’s mentioned, it would be much more likely for my next bike to be a Trek if it was a LeMond at the same time…

  12. It got old a long time ago that you act like there’s something righteous about only having one ad on the blog. It think it’s more like you only have one ad because that’s all you can get, but you spin it to get the most out of only having one ad, or maybe you restrict it to one because that limits availability, and ups the price you can get.

    I think most people wouldn’t hold it against you if you had two ads, even three, probably even four, considering that sites like have about 20 or 30 on the page. I know I wouldn’t be greatly offended if you had more than one ad. Telling me all about how you only have one ad, every time, yea, that’s something I hold against you.

  13. Great to get sponsors and keep the blog going.

    Will never touch anything associated with Trek though. Shambles of a bike brand.

  14. gotta say – the spiritual side of me would love an Italian thoroughbred, but that Taiwenese built Trek (4.7) fits me like a glove and makes a ton seem like a breeze. Those boys do know what they are doing and now they have sponsored inrg, my opinion is better still.

  15. Congratulations on the contract, Inrng! As one bandwidth spender, I’m happy about it. As long as the advertising is done elegantly and stylishly (and not like some horrible multi-colored über-flashy French websites), and especially as long as impartiality remains intact (I hope you’re able to say Cancellara has been, say, a bully, if he does act like one, or that he lost a race probably because his frame was not the right one, if it actually wasn’t).

  16. It’s great to see independent websites thriving. There’s often a disconnect between the value provided and the revenue generated and I, for one, believe that a writer doing it ‘for the love’ should also be properly rewarded, because the readers benefit from that too.

  17. This is a smart website with a classy approach to advertising. This reflects well on Trek, Selle, and the others that have supported it.

    You can let them know for your site Adblock is off!

  18. i should have also said, despite my previous opprobium, it’s a great site. i’d rather subscribe, pay wall, though than face the likes of trek in my face

  19. Thanks TREK for sponsoring the site and for sponsoring young, developing female cyclists in rural Australia, not focus entirely on PRO teams. Its already resulted in one new Domane WSD in this household!

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