Tour de France iCal

Want to put details of each stage of the Tour de France into your electronic diary or smartphone? Here is an electronic Tour de France calendar to download.

The calendar sees each stage listed along with the distance and also I’ve given a rating to the day to indicate the difficulty or importance of the day although being the Tour de France, every day counts and even the rest days attract more media coverage than other races.


Save the ics / iCal / iCalendar file and you can import it into your electronic diary. One or two clicks and it’s on your iPhone / Outlook etc. Alternatively you can use the Google calendar below.

Just use +Google Calendar option by clicking on the icon on the bottom-right of the calendar. Note this method can work with Android phones when the iCal file might not although you might need the Google calendar app.

Remember a similar calendar exists for all the main pro races for men and women and can be found at

Chris Froome Tour de France

12 thoughts on “Tour de France iCal”

  1. Thanks so much for the calendar. It’s nice to see TdF stages nestled in next to the more mundane work-related shtuff that populates way too much of my iPhone calendar.

  2. If you use MacOS/iOS, you don’t need to download the iCal file.

    Just copy the URL to the iCal file then hit cmd+alt+S (or File>New Calendar Subscription…) whilst in, paste in the link and… Voila! It will update across all your iDevices.

    You can use the same method to add the dates on your iPhone/iPad, just select add calendar in and paste in the URL.

    The events will be updated directly from the inner ring website automatically and you don

      • Glad it’s useful (sorry about the unfinished comment). I posted the same workflow last year but I guess it got lost in the deluge of posts.

        There must be a way of doing the same thing for Android/Windows but I just don’t know how.

        You could just add more detail to the ‘’ and it would be available to all as you add it without folk having to re-download it every time – fire-and-forget!

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