Cycling Anthology and Calendar Giveaway Competition

Prendas Calendar 2013

Recent memory can displace the past but I think the first volume of Cycling Anthology should stand as one of the better cycling books of 2012. Here’s a quick competition to win a copy of the first edition, plus a Mémoires du Peloton photo calendar for 2013.

To win, just leave a comment below with your guess for the word count of The Cycling Anthology and we’ll see if the wisdom of crowds can do the rest.

To help anchor people’s guesses note the book is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket but 271 pages long.

The Rules

  • Please give your answer by comment only so I don’t have to collate emails and tweets
  • Post under any pseudonym you like, I will only need the name and address should you win
  • If there’s a tie then it’ll be random selection
  • The winning pick will be made on Friday

That’s it, the winner gets the book plus a calendar, the second best pick wins a calendar. It’s only a quick competition but since I can’t have the same calendar three times on the wall, you’re in luck.

Thanks to Prendas for sending me some calendars and The Cycling Anthology book

223 thoughts on “Cycling Anthology and Calendar Giveaway Competition”

  1. Okay I’ll start, I have a copy so when I win give the first prize to second place and I’ll settle for the calendar, I am about to go out, the wife is waiting, so quickly, 271 pages but first 7 or so are preamble, and their are some part text pages, say 260 x 260 = 67,600
    ciao for now.

  2. 76,252… it kinda depends on if they spell Sanremo like San Remo & if you count Mons-en-Pévèle as one word (hyphenated) or as three words. thanks for more free stuff! first the .ica race calendar & now this book & well, calendar.

  3. So many guesses, thanks and many were close.

    Did the wisdom of the crowd work? Perhaps but bikecellar’s arithmetic above seems to have helped many get close.

    The correct answer is 61,640 words according to publisher Lionel Birnie.

    First prize: Serge with 61,285 and just 355 words off the target.
    Second prize: Graham with 61,999 and just 359 words off the target.

    To claim your prize just email me (contact details at the top of the page).

    • Great fun, and a great book, I have just started chapter 12, Fotheringham on Freire, every chapter has been of good quality, interesting and insightful, I am looking forward to volume two. Well done to Serge and Graham, Ah well at least I have the consolation of a Procycling Mag calendar to put up.
      ciao for now.

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