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Several readers have been asking for a list of past book reviews. There is a search box on the right of the screen but it can bring up other results. So here is the list and I’ll try to keep this updated as more are reviewed.

As well as the list I’ve added a few books that I’ve read but not reviewed in case you’re looking for a read this summer. A book choice is always personal so make what you will of any opinions and reviews.

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  1. I would second the comment about A Dog In A Hat, great read tells it like it is. Of the others you mention that I have read. In search of Robert Miller, We Were Young and Carefree and Riding Through The Dark, “could not put them down” reads but The Rider and Merckx Half Man Half Bike not so, I think in both cases something to do with the style rather than subject. I would add, A Peipers Tale by Allen Peiper with Chris Sidwells, Tomorrow We Ride by Jean Bobet and Roule Britannia for the anglophiles out there, all cover to cover reads for me.

  2. One of my faves is Willy Voet’s Breaking the Chain. Deals with cycling’s underbelly, but also gives a great depiction of internal team dynamics.

  3. This is great. I’d also love to see a list of worthwhile racing DVDs (Chasing Legends, Blood Sweat + Gears, The Hard Road, Hell on Wheels).

  4. Published many years ago, but it is still fascinating and well written. Heart of Lions, by Peter Nye. Discusses history of American bicycle racing with a very intriguing account of velodrome racing in its U.S. hey day, and now, almost non existent.

  5. Need for the Bike is the best book about cycling I have ever read. Not about life as a pro, or the underbelly of doping, but a book about the joy and beauty of cycling.

  6. Robbie McEwen’s book One Way Road is also a great read. I couldn’t put it down and learned many things about riding. It’s very candid and he doesn’t beat about the bush, so you know he had a big say in how it was written.

  7. A Significant Other by Matt Randell was another very interesting book, as it is about Victor Hugo Pena, focusing on his stint in yellow during the 2004 Tour. It’s very nice to get to read about one of the domestiques for a change.

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