In the piece on Thursday entitled “One UCI official, two jets and three yachts” I mistakenly featured a Boeing 737 aircraft registered in the name of Itera Holdings, it seems planespotters have confused Itera with Intera and almost every image of the Boeing has it registered with Igor Makarov’s business. However this is incorrect and the Boeing 737 instead belongs to a Czech billionaire financier called Petr Kellner. Sorry.

However don’t get the impression that Mr Makarov is stuck with only one aircraft. Because whilst I did feature the Embraer P4-IVM… there is another Embraer jet, this time with the registration P4-MIV. So the title of “two jets” still seems valid.

Note the registration of the plane: P4-IVM as in Igor Viktorovich Makarov. All planes share the same P4 prefix because they are registered in the Caribbean island of Aruba. The national carrier of Kazakhstan, Air Astana, has registered its entire fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft with the tiny island of Aruba as have many wealthy individuals from around the world making the island a haven for aircraft registration.

4 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. Guadzilla: they’re both private people… but feel free to stalk a few airports

    Jakob: I know, twin yachts and twin jets. Makarov also has three pro cycling teams with Katusha, Rusvelo and Itera-Katusha. Maybe Guadzilla will discover he has twin daughters?

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