IG Markets Pro Cycling Quiz answers

Last Friday I put the questions from the IG Markets Pro Cycling pub quiz online and I think everyone found them hard. When IG Markets hosted the quiz Cycle Sport magazine won with 79 points from 112 but that was a very impressive haul. Here are the answers.

1. Spring Classics (14 points)

  • Who was the last reigning World Road Race Champion to win Milan-San Remo? Point for name and year. Guiseppe Saronni, 1983. 2
  • Since the Second World War, only four riders have won the Tour of Flanders in successive years, name them. Fiorenzo Magni, Eric Leman, Tom Boonen & Stijn Devolder. 4
  • How many five-star sections of pave were there in the 2011 Paris-Roubaix route? Four. And an extra point if you can name the longest section of pave in this year’s route at 3.7 km. Quievy or Quievy a Saint-Python. 2
  • Name the rider who finished second to Fabian Cancellara in the 2006 edition of Paris-Roubaix but who was disqualified as part of a group who rode through a closed level crossing. Leif Hoste. 1
  • Name the last two riders to finish ahead of Philippe Gilbert in an Ardennes classic. Vinokourov & Kolobnev L-B-L 2010. 2
  • Who was the last rider to win a monument and the Tour de France in the same year? Point for the rider, the year and the monument. Bernard Hinault, 1981 – Paris-Roubaix. 3

2. Giro D’Italia (14 points)

  • In which year did the Giro D’Italia last start in a country that borders Italy, and which country was it? 1998, France. 2
  • Who is the last rider to win the Giro overall without winning a stage in that particular edition and in what year was it? Alberto Contador, 2008. 2
  • What was notable about the mountains, points and young rider jerseys in the 2010 race? All won by Australians: Matthew Lloyd, Cadel Evans & Richie Porte. 1
  • Name the last five riders to win multiple editions of the Giro D’Italia. Contador, Basso, Savoldelli, Simoni & Gotti. 5
  • How many times did Marco Pantani take part in the Giro D’Italia, and how many times did he finish? nine and four. Nine and four. 2
  • What edition of the Giro D’Italia last saw the first rider to the summit of the Mortirolo go onto win that particular stage and who was it? 2006, Basso. 2

3. Tour de France (20 points)

  • Name the four riders to have won the Tour de France exactly three times. Philippe Thys, Louison Bobet, Greg Lemond, Alberto Contador. 4
  • Discounting the disqualified Floyd Landis, who was the last rider before Oscar Pereiro to wear the yellow jersey in the 2006 Tour? Cyril Dessel. 1
  • Name the six riders in Tour history to have won at least one stage for six races in succession. Nicolas Frantz, André Leducq, Lance Armstrong, Miguel Indurain, André Darrigade, Thor Hushovd. 6
  • Other than Jan Ullrich, who won the competition, name the two other riders, both English-speakers, to wear the white jersey in the 1998 Tour and, as an extra clue, who both rode in the 2011 tour. George Hincapie, Stuart O’Grady. 2
  • Name the only two riders to ride multiple tours and wear the yellow jersey in each edition they raced. A point for rider and number of participations. Rudi Altig 4 and Bernard Hinault 8. 4
  • Who was the last rider to win stages at Alpe D’Huez in consecutive years and what years were they? Gianni Bugno 1990 & 1991. 2
  • What was the last edition of the TdF to see an average speed of less than 35kph? 1976 – 34.5. 1

4. Name the career (five points)

  • Reynolds, Orbea, PDM, Reynolds, Banesto. Pedro Delgado. 1
  • R.M.O., Festina, Team Polti, Domo-Farm Frites, Quick Step. Richard Virenque. 1
  • Lampre-Polti, Polti, Deutsche Telekom, Gerolsteiner. Georg Totschnig. 1
  • Lotto, Mapei, Cofidis, Relax-Bodysol, Davitamon-Lotto, DFL-Cyclingnews. Nico Mattan. 1
  • Ceramiche Panaria, Milram, Cervelo, Garmin-Cervelo. Brett Lancaster. 1

5. World Road Championships (19 points)

  • Name the four riders to have won the Worlds three times. Binda, Van Steenbergen, Merckx, Freire. 4
  • Name the last three riders to have successfully defended their World road race title. Rik van Looy 1960-61, Gianni Bugno 1991-92 & Paolo Bettini 2006-07. 3
  • Name the three riders to have finished in second place in the Worlds twice since 2000. Erik Zabel 2004 & 2006, Alejandro Valverde 2003 & 2005 and Alexandr Kolobnev 2007 & 2009. 3
  • Who was the unfancied Polish rider who finished second to the also unfancied Romāns Vainšteins in 2000? Zbigniew Spruch. 1
  • Name the only non-European or non-Australian rider to win the men’s elite time trial and which year it was in. Santiago Botero, 2002. 2
  • How many riders finished with the same time as Mark Cavendish in the 2011 Worlds road race? 81 riders. 1
  • In 17 World Road race participations between them, how many times did Tom Simpson and Eddy Merckx finish in the top 10? 12 times. 1
  • Name the last Worlds road race winner with a gap of more than 30 seconds and the last winner with a winning margin of more than a minute. Point for rider and year. Abraham Olano 1995, 35 seconds & Greg Lemond 1983, 1min 11 seconds. 4

6. British Riders (32 points available, double points)

  • Who were the three other riders who crossed the line with the same time as David Millar in his 2002 Tour de France road stage win into Beziers. David Etxebarria, Michael Boogerd, Laurent Brochard. 3
  • In what race did Mark Cavendish seal his first win on the European mainland? Tour of Berlin. 1
  • How many Grand Tour stages did Robert Millar win in his career? Five, 3Tdf, 1 Giro, 1 Vuelta. 1
  • How many British riders have finished on the podium at Paris-Roubaix? Extra points for names. Hoban 1972 and Hammond 04. 3
  • Which monument has seen the most British podiums and which the fewest? Point for the race and point for the number. Milan San Remo 3, Lombardy 1. 4
  • Name the two riders who were the first Britons to ride in the Tour de France, and for a bonus, the Canadian who completed their three man team. Charlie Holland, Bill Burl & Pierre Gachon. 3
  • Max Sciandri finished 67th for the Linda McCartney team in the 2000 Giro, but who was the other British rider in the team for that race? Matthew Stevens. 1

Total score doubled for this round

Guess the climb (picture round) 4 points

Hint: click on the images to see them in large size


Alpe d’Huez


Passo Stelvio

Missing Links 4 points
Fill in the gap and the link

Eg: Fabian Cancellara, _________, Oscar Freire, Matthew Goss,
Answer: Mark Cavendish, the last four winners of Milan San Remo

  • Tom Boonen, _________, Thor Hushovd, Alessandro Petacchi – Oscar Freire – green jersey winners TdF 2007-2010
  • Roger Hammond, Roger Hammond, Russell Downing, _________, David Millar – Hamish Haynes – British National Champions 2003-2007
  • _____, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003 – 1996 – years that Jan Ullrich finished as a runner-up in the Tour de France
  • _______, Alberto Contador, Denis Menchov, Alberto Contador – Pavel Tonkov – last four non-Italian winners of Giro D’Italia

Like many quizzes and exams once you see the answers then things look more obvious. But recalling all of these names, stats and details is another thing. I suppose you can prepare by reading lists of past winners and looking for patterns, this must be worth a few marks and the ability to confer with colleagues during the quiz could help too.

14 thoughts on “IG Markets Pro Cycling Quiz answers”

  1. I had a very pleasant flight on Friday doing the quiz, but got just 31 points :D. But it was fun, thank you for posting!

    Just a little correction, I think that the solutions for the “guess the climb” section are not in the correct order… I think it should be Angliru – Alpe d’Huez – Koppenberg – Stelvio.

  2. Wicked Hard!!!! I worked on this all day on Sunday and achieved a whopping 17 points. The section entitled “Name The Career” was really confusing until I saw the answers and then I knew what they were asking for.

  3. I didn’t sit down and do it “exam style” but if I did I’d score low, recalling particular years or the winning margin in seconds is very hard. I think if you did it as a team and could whisper suggestions and discuss before answering then this would help. If Cycle Sport won, they took it by some margin and most teams got under 40 points.

  4. “Name the last three riders to have successfully defended their World road race title. Rik van Looy 1960-61, Gianni Bugno 1991-92 & Paolo Bettini 2006-07. 3 ”

    It should have specified that it was only male pro cycling.

    The last rider to sucessfully defend their Elite World race race title was Giorgia Bronzini. Four other women have also won two in a row. Special mention should go to Longo who won four sucessive road titles in the ’80s, then 3 sucessive time trial titles when the women’s event was introduced in the ’90s.

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