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US retailer Competitive Cyclist is kindly supporting the blog. I’m grateful for the support and want to say thanks in public.

As usual, anyone generous enough to sponsor this blog gets a shout. This might look like one of those “you would say that, wouldn’t you” moments but a few points about Competitive Cyclist:

  • They blog too. They have several contributions and the “What’s New” section is an interesting take on the sport and cycle trade.
  • In fact they named The Inner Ring as “blog of the year”. I read somewhere that my friends at the Pavé blog were pleased to be named amongst the top blogs and so I went over to a review of 2010 to see who else was named (in no way was I expecting to feature). Reading through the pieces, I nodded at the recommendations… and then almost fell of my chair when I read this place was the top blog. It brought plenty more US readers.
  • Many products have reviews and relevant information like weight and size guides.
  • Similarly there’s also an online bike build application on the website. Choose your frame or groupset and from drop down menus you can build an entire bike part by part. Even if you don’t click “buy”, you get the total weight for the bike.

Other retailers no doubt have good websites and helpful reviews. But Competitive Cyclist is backing the Inner Ring so once again, many thanks to the team there.

8 thoughts on “Thanks to Competitive Cyclist”

  1. Did (and still do) a lot of shopping and research there. The weight info is awesome stuff, so are the reviews. An excellent blog with a excellent sponsor. Congrats.

  2. I love CC for their information on their products. Often just marketing hype, but they always have some of their own feedback on each product. The reviews are rock solid and their blog is amazing in its own right.

    No surprise about Inner Ring being their top blog. I never realized how much I enjoyed these blogs until I realized I was reading closely each and everyone of these suckers! Keep up the good work!

  3. I’ve bought many things from CC, always had great service. Lots of good information about the item you are considering buying, that’s helpful. I’m concerned about the buyout / merger with BackCountry though, often times the business model changes for the worse when the big money takes over. I’ll give the new guys a try next month.

  4. I was turned on to the Inner Ring by the Competitive Cyclist blog. I’ve visited here almost daily since. Like others have mentioned, it is a bit sad about the uncertainty of Competitive Cyclist given the recent acquisition by BackCountry. My hope is that little with change and CC will be the new RealCyclist/HuckNRoll or simply continue to exist as another on-line resource just as it is today (like Procter and Gamble in the toilet paper and detergent aisles at the local grocery). I will withhold judgement until we see what plays out. I’ve certainly not been averse to giving my money to a few of the Backcountry affiliated stores in the past, so why should I be afraid now?

    I’m glad they stepped up to be a sponsor here at Inner Ring.

  5. This blog deserves any accolade – and any sponsorship – it receives. I have been reading avidly since this year’s TDF. Congratulations to The Inner Ring – a good example of how to blend canny insight and opinion with the views of your readership.

  6. While I am pretty dang loyal to my LBS, I am a big fan of your site, so I went a head and plunked down some coin for a couple of new lids at CC as a measure of support. So you can let your contact there know their advertising on / sponsorship of your site is already bearing fruit.

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