Housekeeping: mobile version available

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More non-cycling stuff but there’s now a mobile-friendly version of this blog.

Yesterday’s piece on the RSS feed generated plenty of comment and email and so firstly I’ve reverted to the usual RSS format.

Some helpful readers also mentioned having a more-mobile friendly version. And it’s not cyclingtips for nothing, as Aussie blogger Wade Wallace kindly left a tip about making The Inner Ring more mobile friendly.

Thanks to Wade, regular readers via an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or other device should notice a change in the format. If you prefer the original version just scroll to the bottom of the screen and you can revert to the normal display.

Thanks for all the feedback.

17 thoughts on “Housekeeping: mobile version available”

  1. It’s fine, but that JavaScript warning has got to go. All WordPress mobile themes see fit to obscure most of the page if JS is not enabled, even though the only thing making the content unusable is that warning.

  2. You acted so quickly on the initial feedback I didn’t even get a chance to put in my pennyworth! Thanks for making this accessible again in full for mobile readers – love the blog but reality is if I couldn’t have got to read regularly on ipad commuting etc I would rarely have made it to the full site either. Now a definite fixture again both mobile and full versions. Keep up the great work!

  3. There was a catagories index button at the top when I viewed the site on my mobile that doesn’t seem to appear on the normal website. It seems like a really useful feature (think someone else suggested it a while back). Why can’t I find it on the normal website?

  4. Oh and another point I may as well raise:
    I can’t visit the site on my phone with T-mobile (have to use wifi) because it is blocked as it “contains content that is unsuitable for under 18s”.
    Is this something you can fix from your end?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Tom: yes it happens to T-Mobile and O2 users in Britain.

    It turns out my site is on a server that also hosts something “inappropriate” so every website on the server is banned.

    I need some help to get this unblocked, I need the “trace route log” which is a summary of your device’s attempts to contact the server. You should find a trace route app to download that will allow you log this and then copy/paste a copy.

    If any reader who is blocked in the UK could send this, I’d be very grateful.

  6. for t-mobile, every t-mobile user can sign up to their website and turn the 18+ content block off… as i originally had the same problem and now don’t 🙂

    O2 might have a similar option…

  7. This is kind of hard to describe. On the mobile version on my iPad, I couldn’t scroll up or down the page unless I was touching the grayish areas of the page outside the white text boxes. This made scrolling pretty difficult when the text boxes covered most of the page/grayish area. Also, I think I randomly discovered the mobile version on/off switch under the “contact” link as I was desperately searching for a way to ask you how to turn the mobile version off. Not sure if that switch is on multiple pages or just the “contact” page, but it would be nice to have a link to it to make it easier to find. The mobile version doesn’t have graphics or anything so it “feels” better (more unique) to be on the regular version to me. I’d keep reading it either way though. Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. I see the rubbish Javascript warning has moved to a more suitable place, at the top of the page, rather than blocking otherwise-readable content. Fantastic.

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