Thanks to NeilPryde Bikes

A note of thanks to NeilPryde bikes who are supporting this blog. Their advertising presence supports this blog and as I’ve said before, ads are not necessary… but they help.

Hopefully you don’t find the presence of a third party intrusive when reading and I’m not trying any contrived pieces to work a Neil Pryde bike into a piece. But once a month anyone advertising gets a special mention, a thank-you note in public. I am deliberately limiting this to one spot on the screen. More Leopard-Trek than Androni Giocattoli-CIPI-Sidermec-Serramenti Diquigiovanni-Your Name Here.

8 thoughts on “Thanks to NeilPryde Bikes”

  1. No worries unless you start doing “advertorial” and the Chinese-made bikes marketed by these folks get ranked as more “laterally stiff but vertically compliant” or “lighter-faster-stiffer” than all the rest in some sort of “shoot-out. There’s plenty of that out there already and I hear nobody screaming for more of it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey – we can choose not to read your posts if we don;’t want to so given the ratio of actual posts to “advertising” seems to be currently very healthy you do what you like 🙂

  3. Long live your ads. If anyone avoids your site because you have ads then they are doing themselves a disservice. Your work is high quality, and I assume very time consuming. You should be compensated for it. Thank you for all that you give and contribute, and I hope you are rewarded in many ways.

  4. Aside from whether their frames are any good or not, are produced from open moulds or not, really undergo as much R&D as claimed or not, their marketing strategy is top notch. They know who their target market is, and they advertise on all the right blogs and news sites.

    As others have said, provided you don’t start doing “reviews” then you should be duly compensated for the excellent work you do. I’ll go click the ad now.

  5. No need to apologize for accepting advertisements. Shameless self-promotion is a good thing. It provides information, engenders discussion, spurs on market capitalism, competition, and survival of the fittest, and helps keep your blog healthy and well. Keep it up.

  6. Well I’ve got some feedback in the past saying adverts changed, for want of a better phrase, the “reading experience”. Plus I’m just not good at sales. The combination of this means I’m very pleased to have support here and am pleased to be able to thank them… but feel careful about promoting them.

    This is a blog, not a commercial site but yes, having advertising means some money and in turn it sometimes makes me think “I should write about X, Y or Z” because it creates more content. But fortunately there seems to be so much to write about and discuss that I could and would cover more if I had the time.

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