Blog housekeeping: a favour to ask

A quick request to readers. If you’re reading this blog could you please take a look on the right of the page and tell me which of the adverts you see, A or B?

Strada Wheels
Advert A


Strada Wheels
Advert B

I’d be grateful if you could leave comment below stating A or B along with a quick reference to which country or even continent you’re viewing The Inner Ring from right now.

I’m asking as I’m trying to offer the advertising space on this blog to an advertiser keen on reaching Europeans and another interested in US readers.

I’m trying to test some code that means if you’re in one place you see one image, if you’re in another then it’s different. But I’m not that technical and, for me at least, Java is an Indonesian island famous for volcanoes and coffee instead of a computer programming language.

Sorry if this is boring but if it’s working, please leave a quick comment and then I’ll delete this technical post from the blog and it’ll be back to pro cycling. Anyway, talking of advertising, look who visited the Giro today…

Dirk Hofman Italy
Ronde Van Italia?

EDIT: comments are closed, many thanks to all those who helped. Having said I’d delete this post, it seems some are enjoying the sight of Dirk Hofman in the Dolomites, so I’ll leave it here for that reason.

39 thoughts on “Blog housekeeping: a favour to ask”

  1. A, in Japan,
    Seeing the Dirk Hofman sign cracked me up.
    Keep up the excellent work a very informative and entertaining blog

  2. I saw the Hofman sign on the Gazz. live feed and laughed out loud. Recalling your old posts it made me want to buy some new wheels….

  3. I read through my RSS feed and I don’t get any advertisements.

    Perhaps you can just put a footer advertisement on the bottom of each RSS feed post. This would allow you to give more reads to your advertisers.

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