Slow connection

A boring note but I’m travelling abroad lot for work at the moment and at home France Télécom has decided to unplug my phone line, including internet access, following a “technical problem”. They don’t seem to know when this will be fixed, just that there is a “technical problem”. They’ve bungled something but still enjoy billing me.

Nevermind, it’s not like they’ve stolen my bike but it’s frustrating for the blog here as I’d like to put more on here but can’t get anything done before or after work. It’s not easy between travel abroad, meaning limited internet/smartphone access and no phone line at home, meaning no chance to dig up info for the blog. Have a nice day…

4 thoughts on “Slow connection”

  1. Here in Italy they sell those ‘internet key’ things, often as part of a package deal. They work pretty good for being online in odd places or emergencies like that. Last year I was working on from a little trailer up in Cortina d’Ampezzo. They must have those in France too.

  2. Yes, I’ve used those before in Italy David as they are cheap there. But the ones in France seemed to priced very differently, there’s a deposit and then lots of charges for usage. Not worth it for the time being. Thanks for the tip and I’d recommend it to any visitor to Italy wanting internet access.

  3. It’s the quality of the posts (not the quantity!) that keeps me coming back to your site. I’m learning so much here; thanks so much for the great work you put into your writing!

  4. Apparently, one too many France Telecom employees have committed self-immolation and they’ve had to cut back on some customer services while maintaining revenue to pay for mass counseling.

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