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As you might see on the top right of the screen, Strada Wheels are advertising here in April. I’ve been discreet for the month, preferring not to ram the message home. But since we’re halfway through the month, check them out!

Sorry if that was a bit overt but I am wondering if any of you readers have a view, have you visited the website? Or maybe you use something like Adblock? Any other thoughts and feedback is welcome, whether via the comments below or email.

  • Note this is still very much a hobby that I might turn to over breakfast or lunch but readership is growing. I do have a couple of investigative projects simmering on the back-burner but these require detective work and travel and for the time being, it’s simply not worth my while rooting around, despite my curiosity. What I am saying is that if I want to shine a light on a few issues, I need to pay for the torch batteries.

19 thoughts on “Blog housekeeping and advertising”

  1. Nice and tasteful advertisement. Fits nicely into the whole “feel” of the website and is not an issue at all as far as I’m concerned (as a regular visitor). It has also led to me having a bit of a look around strada’s website and will definitely be considering them next time I’m in search of new wheels.

    Saying that, I am looking forward to the Dirk Hofman Motorhomes ad in the near future!!

  2. I agree with HJR, the ad is tasteful and fits the blog well. Their wheels and site give a sense of quality, just like the blog so please keep that in mind with further sponsoring or advertising. A quality blog is rare thee days.

  3. The pic isn’t blocked because it’s hosted on I don’t mind it at all. As HJR said, it ‘fits’ the site and is pretty subtle.

    A colourful, animated gif however would be very annoying…

  4. I deliberately visited the site, since I enjoy this one so much, but supporting them is another matter since: 1. I live in the States; and 2. I can’t afford clipless pedals or a cheap cycling computer for my old base model Roubaix, much less custom wheels.

  5. Like others have said, the advertisement fits in nicely with the website. I intentionally checked the site out, but since I live in the states they are really not an option.

    Maybe set up a paypal account where readers would be able to donate, I know I would be willing to do that.

  6. I think the ad is tasteful and in no way distracting. To be honest, I would suggest running at least one more. I spend a lot of time reading this site, so it’s only fair that you get a financial return from it.

    I’ve checked the Strada Wheels website out of curiosity. Whilst the ads are relevant to cycling, I will continue to do so.

    I run AdBlock, however I disable it on some sites, included. If a site has tastefully placed ads and worthwhile content, then it’s white-listed.

  7. Inrng is my first point of call for cycling related info. The deeper reportage and insight you offer is my primary driver, therefore, I wouldn’t complain if you decided to place an EPIC Rapha banner across every page, as long it assisted you in your investigative pursuits.

    Worldwide investigative jouralism is seriously in decline. We need more Inrngs out there.

    Go get ’em tiger!

    P.s yes, I’ve had a poke around the Strada site too.

  8. If you can attract funding without limitation of your currently excellent viewpoints, go for it. I like the minimalist advertising. I particularly dislike the side panes that have been added to places like cyclingnews lately – so please don’t do that!

    And keep clear of reviews – they’re always rubbish, especially when the product is the subject of advertising space on the very same page (are you listening, bikeradar?)

    You could always get somebody like AMGEN to sponsor you. The rest of the world might think it’s crazy but I’d giggle (is that saying something about me?)

  9. So far, so subtle.

    I, like most others, have clicked through but the tyranny of distance is stopping any further investigation. Me: Australia / Strada: UK. Maybe a more worldly advertiser would be suitable?

    I have no problems with ads at all, in fact I believe there is an opportunity to have ads that actually add value to the site. It’s rare, but with some thought it can be achieved.

    As a starting point, maybe target iPhone app developers working on cycling specific apps.

  10. My Adblock isn’t blocking the ad as well – I’ve even clicked it once or twice and went to check out the site, something I’d never do normally.

  11. Out of respect for your sponsor, you could at least try to spell his name right 😉
    I’ve just clicked it once, out of support for your blog, but I only read the RvV-sportive report. I have enough wheelsets already, so I try to avoid wheels-sites.

  12. I don’t know your day job but if tasteful advertising if going to make you enough of an income to quit your day job then I am all for it. Bring it on! I will click away and always keep coming back because the quality of your work is sensational!!

  13. I agree with everyone else re. the placement, discretion, etc. of the Strada ad. A PayPal “donate” button is discreet and I would certainly send money that way. I generally try to support local businesses so the likelihood of me actually spending money on one of your advertisers is quite small, but I do think you do very good work so I’ll certainly support you via a PayPal (or other) donate button.

  14. The ad certainly fits the tone and content. Like others, I’ve checked out the Strada site, and while I’m an unlikely customer because of geography and finances, they certainly get my respect for building a quality product and supporting the best cycling site around.

  15. I understand your financial concerns and needs but is this also a financial concern of the advertiser? I couldn’t tell from the post but is the advertiser concerned or unhappy – a lack of clicks or $$ (I have no idea how to stick the euro or pound symbol in here), ie a lack of ROI for them? As many folks here noted, they’re not geographically or financially able to support the advertiser. I’m one step worse. I don’t cycle. I love watching it and following it but have no desire to ride. One hour on a beach cruiser and my bum is dead. I don’t want to lose your great site because I can’t help support the advertiser, so like others, I could be willing to donate directly as another option.

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