10 thoughts on “Sunday morning in Flanders”

  1. Wow…shivers down my spine.

    Soooo pumped. At 31 years old, only Flanders & Roubaix (perhaps the worlds if it’s a good circuit) have the ability to make me feel like a child on Christmas eve.

    Just 4 sleeps to go!

  2. I love the scene of the old man climbing on the barriers like he is a small child again, it’s amazing how these classics do that to people. Whenever you see footage of the Grand Tours, all that is seen is a mass of crazy drunks; you see true passion for the sport when it comes to the classics…..with a few drunks mixed in!

  3. It got to me, tears flowed, silly old bugger that I am, just to remember that this sport is properly appreciated by many, something thats easy to forget here in the UK.

  4. Damn! Want to go and ride those roads again.

    I might have only been there once and they may be actors, but it was what it was like for me. Sharing a beer with the locals on the bergs then cramming into a bar to watch the finish.

    Life/cycling balance means there is a danger I won’t get to watch even a dodgy feed of Flanders this year. A huge wrench as I think it will be a good edition.

  5. Brillo – I feel sorry for you… I bet you’re that dude while watching a movie tells everyone what’s going to happen before it does.

    What a great clip, as per jkeltgv comment – sent shivers down my spine.

  6. Can only watch on TV/Internet this year but in 2012 I’ll BE at the roadside for the Ronde and Paris-Roubaix. After seeing MSR in 2011 I’ve made a goal of seeing all five “monuments” before my life it over. I’d like to see Boonen win this Sunday…and next week too!

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