Haircuts of the peloton

Vladi Karpets might have lost his mullet but there are others in the bunch who let their hair down after a race. Here’s a quick look…

Daniel Oss
Daniel Oss has a lot more But, Samson-like, his hair has grown alongside his reputation. It was tidy as a neo-pro, now it’s alive. A rider for the classics, Oss has massive power at his command and landed his first win in the Giro del Veneto and I suspect he’ll deliver more this year. A big rider at 1.90m, he’s already valuable team mate able to shepherd the likes of Sagan and Nibali during a race.

Swarthy, no? Perget is a French pirate, who likes nothing better than what the French call un raid, a long breakaway. He won the Tour du Limousin in 2009 and now with Ag2r, expect to see those locks flowing when the sun begins to shine.

A fast-finisher, Endura Racing’s Alexandre Blain needs a hairband to keep his locks in check. The Frenchman used to ride for Cofidis and images from this time make you wonder how managed to get a helmet to fit.

Denfil (R)
If Leopard-Trek’s Stefan Denifl is slow packing his bags in the hotel or late to emerge from the team bus then perhaps the mirror is to blame. Popular with many of the ladies, the Austrian climber must dread putting a helmet on each day. He’s come close to a result before and could well take his chance in a hilly stage race and he’ll be useful help in the mountains for the Schleck brothers.

Yannick Eijessen
He might look like an extra from the 1987 film Wall Street but Belgian climber Yannick Eijessen is one to watch. A clever pick by BMC Racing, he won the Ronde de l’Isard stage race, a Pyrenean test for U-23 riders that’s a good gauge of future talent.

18 thoughts on “Haircuts of the peloton”

  1. It’s still hard to match the 80s though; mullets reigned supreme! Miller, early cipo, quite a few Russians, the climber I just can’t recall now rode for tvm and was caught doping, and many more! Efficiency puts paid to far too many whims sadly, and sponsor marketing requirements re appearances.

  2. I think another pressing issue of the pro cycling world that needs to be adressed urgently is the alarmingly vast amount of pros that sports earings… The ratio is quite high. Why??? Why??? I am puzzled…
    Such fashion faux pas…

  3. With Denifl and Gerdemann on Leopard, plus the Schleck bros, they certainly have the pretty boy market cornered. They all look good in a scarf, as witnessed at the team presentation. Good thing they have Fabs, Jens and Stuey to put some beans beneath the frank.

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