Van Petegem’s Flemish Guesthouse

If you’ve ever wondered what the house of a Belgian champion looks like, now is your chance to find out. Peter Van Petergem and his wife Angelique Segaert have opened a bed and breakfast guesthouse near Sint Maria Horebeke, bang in the middle of the Brussels, Kortrijk and Gent triangle. It’s 10km from Geraardsbergen.

The venture is named Le Pavé, a nod to Van Petegem’s 2003 Paris-Roubaix win. Offering a lot more comfort than the Roubaix showers, it’s almost as exclusive with the price tag of up to €250 per night. It’s hip-achingly modern, complete with a less-than-Flemish olive tree in the courtyard.

As well as the name, there’s a cycling touch as the hosts are delighted to welcome visiting cyclists and apparently “superior Innergetic mattresses guarantee an excellent night’s rest“, a phrase that sounds like it’s been copied from the Quick Step press manual.

Still, speaking to Belgian travel website, Madame Petegem says this is not meant to be a “pilgrimage for old fans“, adding that she’s had a diverse range of guests, with 70% coming from abroad. It’s very much Angelique Segaert’s project, with Peter Van Petegem mostly occupied selling insurance these days but if you ask, he’s often around for a chat. He might be less likely to appear if he takes up the offer to join Garmin-Cervélo’s management team.

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3 thoughts on “Van Petegem’s Flemish Guesthouse”

  1. Wow, that is a lot of money. Out of my league.

    But thanks for the info, I like the way you put light news like this with the other opinion pieces.

  2. Anonymous: it looks very "boutique" but yes, very expensive. For that kind of money I'd expect a guided tour of the local 'hellingen' from PVP and a washed bike ready the next morning.

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