Colnago Con Brio

There aren’t many blogs dedicated towards single bike brands. But there is one for Colnago called Colnago con brio. The clover-leafed company from near Milan is a mythical name in the sport, no wonder it has such a following. I grew up revering the name, the Italian frame builder was completely out of my league.

So when the Colnago Con Brio blog asked if I had any ideas for the words, I wrote a short piece about what the name meant to me. You can read it here.

2 thoughts on “Colnago Con Brio”

  1. I have a mate who is bianchi mad, but myself never really lusted after anything in particular yes the c40 stood out as something special. I have raced on a steel Viking (60s) a Mercian (70s) then a big non racing gap to the 2000s and a alu tcr followed by a carbon tcr I love my boardman team carbon not expensive but modern design shines through,which makes me wonder what it would be like to ride a ” top of the range” modern carbon with all light weight kit.

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