Carlos Sastre sells his Tour de France bike

I like Carlos Sastre. Not just as a rider, although his endurance and stamina are something, but the man too. He does a fair amount of charity work and tries to make a difference. He’s coming to the end of his career now and facing the possibility of never riding the Tour de France again.

Sastre bike

It’s a bit sad to know you’ll never race something like that again but he’s turning the disappointment into something positive and auctioning off his bike from the last Tour de France. It’s a Cervelo R3-SL with SRAM Red and Zipp 404s from the 2010 Tour de France, complete with the frame number.

Having covered pro bikes the other day, this is one apparently from the Tour de France, with the special limited edition Sastre paint scheme in yellow to commemorate his win in 2008. But the bike seems to have Zipp 404 clinchers whereas Sastre was racing on tubulars.

Anyway, it’s all in a good cause and you can get close-up images of the bike if you’re into the tech stuff over at the Smilekers charity website.

8 thoughts on “Carlos Sastre sells his Tour de France bike”

  1. One of my favourite riders of this generation. I thoroughly enjoy watching him climb – I think he has a great style – I like the personality he shows in interviews (of a really nice bloke) and I love the fact there’s no doping shadows hanging over him. I still believe his 2008 tour win was clean. It’ll be sad to see him missing from this year’s tour and from the peloton permanently.

  2. Thomas Kontou: yes, they call him Don Limpio in Spain, “Mr Clean” (and the name of a household cleaning product). That said I wouldn’t bet my life savings although for now, let’s give him the benefit fo the doubt.

    Mark Phillips: he’s a character and always seems intelligent and above all, honest. Even when things aren’t going well.

    Tom: not sure, did he have that last July?

    Chris: yes, it’s certainly built for a small climber! One for a collector although the price when I last looked was below the retail value of a new bike.

  3. I watched the Beyond the Peloton series and he came across as a man of humility and integrity, two outstanding qualities for any man, much less a professional athlete.

  4. Well put TBooker, I only came across the Beyond the Peloton videos this year & felt that Carlos and most of the other riders & team came across very well. Much better than the Overcoming video with Riis rubbing Carlos on the legs & being way too touchy feely. The first two posts above are also spot on, what a shame that Geox wont be at the Tour. But maybe the Giro this year will be a better race anyway?

  5. If you look at the auction website, it seems that the bike is a “sort-of” replica of the bike he rode in the last stage of the Tour 2010. It is not his actual bike. There’s a picture where you can see on the frame “limited edition 1/100”.

    Anyway, i just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s a favorite. Good work!

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