Looking Back, Looking Forward

A self-referential item but I started The Inner Ring last February and it’s been an interesting project. From a trickle of readers at first, it’s now grown into something read by thousands a day. It’s been a chance to correspond with lots of cycling fans via email, the comments, twitter and beyond, plus it was nice to see Cycle Sport Magazine featuring some of my thoughts in their 2010 review. Thanks to everyone for dropping by.

For new readers note I’d like to write more about the sporting aspect but pro cycling has been relentlessly commercial since the day it began. Over a century ago the Tour de France was created to sell newspapers, teams were launched to sell bikes. So my view is that it’s important to keep an eye on the money and the management. But of course once the season is under way there will be plenty of analysis of the racing and related events. In case you missed it here are some random highlights from 2010:

Looking ahead, I’m concious the blog is not the most attractive in visual terms. The ease of blogger.com has helped get things doing but looking forward I’ll aim to improve the way things look. I know you come here to read rather than gawk at graphical genius but hopefully some things can be improved.

Best wishes to everyone for 2011, may you have a healthy and enjoyable year on and off the bike.

8 thoughts on “Looking Back, Looking Forward”

  1. well yes- healthy, now going into fourth week of flu related misery but at least here in the uk we have now emerged from the mini ice age of recent weeks, these two things combined having kept me from cycling outdoors since the 23th of november. Thank you for something different.
    onward ever onward

  2. I don't really have a problem with the way things look here. It's simple, no bells and whistles. Just good writing and reporting. No need to change a thing imo.

  3. I was waiting for a train the other day and went to buy one of the cycling glossies. I got to the magazine stand and thought, what the hell am I doing!? The Inner Ring, and other quality blogs provide almost real-time cycling news and analysis that is of consistently good quality. What's more, you are not charging nearly £5. I bought a beer instead.

    Keep up the great work Matt.

  4. One of the reasons I've been reading your blog every day for the last couple of months is that you're not writing exclusively about the sporting aspect. I really want to understand the business (and power games) side of cycling, as it influences the sport so much, so thanks for explaining that to me. Keep up the good work.

  5. Agree with the comments above, I read the blog because it is not just about the sporting side (love the pieces about Euro foods !) but also because the layout is so easy to read – please don't change the layout it's just right as it is !

  6. Agree with all the above.

    Really impressed with depth, quality of your words, and… blimey… the quantity.

    Keep it up Matt. And don't go changin'


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