Wrong or Right?

More is known about the Loch Ness monster than Team Luxembourg

A follow up to the piece about the backers of the Luxembourg team. I got a comment saying I was right about the business biographies of the trio… but wrong about their involvement in the team. If so then it goes without saying I’ll change the story… and you’ll need to forget yesterday’s comment.

Still, I’ve been certain since August about Flavio Becca’s links for other reasons. The source of the recent information is well placed, they supplied the “Leopard” information before anyone else.

Sorry if this is a bit self-referential. But it makes an interesting point, for me at least, in that with a blog you can perhaps run with ideas and opinions that could be dropped if I was doing this for a newspaper or a commercial website. It goes without saying that the internet will be alive with speculation and rumour until the team is launched, today’s reports linking Cancellara are testimony to that. Time will tell.

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