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It’s good to see more and more readers and it would be even better to hear from you. This isn’t a commercial website aiming to maximise traffic nor to target a particular readership niche so I can be free to shine a light on some often-overlooked issues. There might be common themes on here, for example the business behind the sport or opinion on topical stories but there’s always room for more.

So if you have any ideas, feedback or suggestions then please get in touch.

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7 thoughts on “Get in touch”

  1. I find your writings interesting, and would like your view on the subject of rich people financing their own team (sometime with a little help from co-sponsors). I am thinking: Stapleton – High Road, Vaughters – Garmin, Rihs – BMC and Becca – Lux Team.

  2. I am interested on the never ending saga of Iljo Keisse from the process perspective. What is fair and what can/should be done to remove ambiguity and speed justice?

  3. I'll add a few: Be interested to know about the evolution of drugs in cycling (what'd they take in the 20's, 30's through now – did they test for anything in the past?). How about speed over the different versions of say, the tour. How much faster are riders getting? How about the evolution of tech from the early days until now.

    Really enjoy your site. Keep it up!


  4. One more. How do the pros get paid? For example, do they get a paycheque every two weeks like us average joes? What about all the travel? What's covered. If you are a Euro-based team, but you live in the US or Canada, do you fly home on your own dime? Are accommodations paid for in Europe, or is it, again, on their own dime to pay for their "normal" accommodations.

  5. Only just came across this site and also love the insider look to the more hidden side of cycling or the alternate view on certain topics.

    I say carry on, you're doing a top job!

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