"I can’t be arsed"

I can’t be arsed to fly to all the way to Australia just to work for Mark Cavendish, especially as the longest one day race in the world isn’t good prep for the Commonwealth Games 4,000 pursuit

That’s what Geraint Thomas didn’t say. The talented Welsh rider has his eye on success in the upcoming Commonwealth Games. Instead, there’s some weasel words coming out, a ruse perhaps not to annoy Mark Cavendish.

These games are a big deal for some countries, Britain included. We need to remember British Cycling receives funding based on success in the Worlds, Olympics and Commonwealth Games and clearly the prospect of a Welsh medal is enticing, and a greater probability than Cavendish winning in Geelong. Factor in the point that it’s hard to tell where Team Sky ends and British Cycling begins and the truth is that Thomas is following the money and talk of being tired is really cover for his ambitions – beating Jack Bobridge in the final – and British Cycling’s views on Cavendish’s chances in the Worlds.

Talking of PR, the Sky website includes a gem (hat tip Neil Storey) on this very matter:

Cavendish’s chances of success had been earlier hindered by the UCI’s decision to allocate Britain just three of a maximum nine places in the event

Sorry, but this wasn’t a “decision” by the UCI, it was thanks to a long-standing rule… and the shrinking British team is largely thanks to Team Sky’s star signing Bradley Wiggins failing to rack up points this season, placing all his eggs in the Tour de France basket, which he duly dropped on road to Avoriaz.

3 thoughts on “"I can’t be arsed"”

  1. I get the impression British Cycling is soon going to rue the day they jumped into bed with Sky, theres quite clearly a conflict of interest but im guessing the Stench of Murdochs money is really clouding the decision making and whats best for British cycling.

  2. I don't get it. Even if Thomas is skipping the worlds – surely he's doing it for a fair reason. He has had a long season and if he wants to concentrate on the Commonwealth, why not?

    Agree that Sky and BC need a little separation. Be interesting to see if Sky's money remains if next years pickings are so slim.

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