Take a look at the Washington Post and the article on the US Federal investigation into alleged doping practices and fraud. What stands out is not that Armstrong and Co. face questions and potential trouble, for me it was the following.

Novitzky immersed himself in his new job by spearheading efforts to crack down on renegade companies in the dietary supplement industry that lace their products with steroids, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) won two anti-doping convictions, one hinging on information from informants.

The cases suggested that a Los Angeles-based professional cycling team with no connection to Armstrong might be operating an organized doping program. Having formed a relationship with Novitzky during the BALCO investigation, USADA officials turned over witnesses and evidence they had acquired in their proceedings, according to sources.

Novitzky, who appears to have significant investigative latitude, began looking hard at the team, known as Rock Racing.

In other words questions over the US-based team Rock Racing were the starter to the investigation. I don’t know what the outcome of the investigation was but clearly Rock Racing have had a terrible reputation given its readiness to sign busted cheats who were economical with their remorse. I admired other aspects of their marketing strategies but personally it didn’t make up for the failings.

Had this team been started with better intentions and kept a more saintly image, not to mention healthier methods, then perhaps none of the following events would have happened?