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Team Sky is part of the Murdoch/NewsCorp media empire which is trying out an internet paywall on many of its sites. But it seems the concept of sticking up a wall around your assets isn’t reserved for the internet.

Brailsford’s erection

That’s the Team Sky bus, but notice the wall. It’s put up so riders can warm-up on their turbo trainers before a race without the pesky public being able to watch.

I really, really don’t like this. Why? Well for starters anyone wanting to warm up on a turbo trainer can do it without a lot of distraction: start riding, pick up the pace and there’s not much more to it, even watching the heart rate and wattage is easy. But above all it is literally putting a wall between riders and the public. One of the most charming aspects of the sport is the way participants and public can mix, it’s rare for other sports to have this. So when I see Sky’s wall, a wistful sigh appears, the way the team doesn’t want to be close to the fans isn’t quite right.

The team would reply that it’s after every gain possible and allowing riders to focus is a benefit but perhaps sometimes what’s good for a rider isn’t good for the sport.

Sky are also missing a marketing opportunity, gawkers get to see the turbo trainers in use and the shiny TT bikes are visible to the public and photographers alike. Indeed according to, at the Dauphiné prologue Saxo Bank put a tongue in cheek warning near the bikes warning the public not to get too close: “don’t touch, danger of electrocution” said the sign. A nice way to make light of the electric bike controversy.

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5 thoughts on “Team Sky’s Wall”

  1. Definately, I hate this team. I just don't get how could be looked as an example; It's a team focused in tecnology which looks down at traditional values of this sport. And, in addition, completely arrogant…

  2. i really hope this is not a trend which is picked up by other teams. They certainly think they are a cut above, even Lance wouldnt be that stupid to alienate fans. Im sure if they could they would charge fans to watch them like zoo animals

  3. I don't think there is anything to hide, it is to keep the riders concentrated on the warm up and to focus mentally on the effort to come.

    But I don't like it, it's not right. Contrast this to Cervélo Test Team and their attitude that winning isn't everything, and the way their riders are very approachable.

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