Dopers’ Hell

US rider Matt DeCanio is a former pro on the US circuit, he published a taped conversation that apparently incriminated a former team mate, Kayle Leogrande. Since then he’s started an outspoken – to say the least – website at which advocates a militant stance against doping and dopers.

DeCanio is now racing in France as an amateur and taking advantage of his location to visit the Tour de France. Only this won’t be the usual roadside pilgrimage. Instead DeCanio is promising to create “Dopers Hell”, meeting 13km from the summit of the Col de la Madeline on 13 July. Having moved to France, he’s quickly gone native with this protest:

The storming of the Bastille was more important as a rallying point and symbolic act of rebellion than a practical act of defiance. And in this spirit the day before Bastille Day we are forming a rallying point and an act of rebellion against doping. We have chosen to meet 13k from the summit of the Col de le Madeleine on July 13 to make this stand against doping.

Please join me in what I have called “DOPERS HELL” as we scream, cuss, yell, and get out years of oppression and rebel against the evil doping culture in cycling that has killed athletes who have doped and kicked athletes out who have refused to dope.

…Dress in black, dark, and scary attire.

Full details here. Whilst this looks like a stunt, it’s possibly a useful move too as it’s about time some fans make it clear they don’t want to watch the cheats. Anything that reminds sections of the media that journalism includes asking tough questions is a good idea.