The Classics Season, Reprise

Phew, the Giro stages in Holland were something, it was like the classics season had suddenly got going. Cold weather, small roads, crashes: it was early April all over again.

I found it made for exciting riding but is this what a Grand Tour is all about? I’m in two minds, on the one hand it’s exciting but a Grand Tour is meant to be a more lengthy matter. Think of a culinary analogy, the Giro is a stew that slowly cooks for three weeks whereas racing on the tiny roads of Holland is more like a fast food snack. Personally I find the stew more satisfying and I worry about a trend to make the sport more exciting, pro racing shouldn’t become a TV circus.

That said, a typical stage of the Giro can include a visit through an ancient town, the road width suddenly goes from eight metres to three as the bunch is squeezed through the medieval entrance to the town, preferably over smooth cobbles or flagstone. No race is immune to crashes. Still, you can’t help but feel for Hushovd and Vande Velde.

All in all, there’s been plenty of excitement and the race hasn’t even hit Italy yet.

1 thought on “The Classics Season, Reprise”

  1. I know what you mean. It certainly made the past two stages exciting – but I think the winds were doing enough to keep the peloton on its toes. I believe the crash which finally ruined Wiggins chances wasn't caused by narrow roads or road furniture, just nervous riding. The gaps between the GC rivals so early will make for an interesting couple of weeks racing.

    So, gutted for Wiggins, and just really hoping this isn't the platform on which Vino builds towards an overall GC victory.

    (Also, Thor Hushovd was injured during a training ride – he was never entered or started the Giro.)

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