Does Cancellara Have an Electric Bike?

This might make you say “what the…” out aloud but there is talk in the bunch that Fabian Cancellara has a hidden motor inside his bike, this is what is helping him take such outrageously bold wins.

It’s technologically possible…

Suspicions were heightened when he changed his bike in the final of both the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, as if the battery had run out and swapping bikes would give him a new boost. I kid you not, read for yourself in the Républicain Lorrain newspaper and a previous mention in Cyclismag*, where there’s even talk of a “strange noise”.

It’s technologically possible but of course illegal. Anthony Roux’s interview mentions the motor but the rider says out loud what others are thinking, namely the possibility that the performance is not electric-boosted but pharmaceutically-enhanced.

* If you don’t speak French, try using an online translation tool like Babelfish

8 thoughts on “Does Cancellara Have an Electric Bike?”

  1. I don't know about you guys but in Holland electrical bikes are very common. Motor and batteries are smaller every year. My wife has one and it is great, when you put some power on the pedals, the motor starts helping, when you stop, the motor stops. This seems to be different in the cancellara bike, it motors on its own as the movie shows. Conclusion: Electrical bicycle racing is here and its fun.
    But cancellara has something to explain…

  2. I was 100% sure it was a joke until I looked at the videos. The acceleration is incredible, I don't know what to think. Can't anyone who has videos of old races compile a list of Cancellaras races. For all accelerations, look if his fingers are searching for a button.

  3. Cancellara with a motor in his bike? The only motors are in his left and right quads. Even if Fabian had a motor on his bike, imagine how bad that would make Trek look. I don’t think such big corporations as Trek would take the risk of ruining their reputation by allowing sponsored riders to cheat using their bikes on the world’s biggest stages. Just my two cents.

  4. although it is possible, the noise is crazy and not every bit of road is super noisy or fan covered… the other riders could here it… the points he’s sprang these attacks have never been very crowded when you check the videos…

    All of his amazing attacks have been mostly into headwinds using his very aerodynamic positioning on the bike he’s developed with his time trialling, 2011 Flanders was skilled suicide cornering then Boonen getting caught behind two guys on an overly crowded hill (Belgian fans might have had some regret for that if not for Nuyens)

    The best part of a race to use such tech would surely be the loud finish line where the crowd are near deafening? hey Cav is crazy fast compared to everyone, maybe he has a secret engine…

    Next it will be accusations of Contador having an engine for mountain top finishes or god knows =/

    (They’ve all road specialized.. scandal in the making surely! lol)

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