No grazie, the podium is camp enough

With the Giro d’Italia starting in Holland, a Dutch politician has suggested that they have men on the podium instead of girls. Here’s how reports it:

Marco de Goede of the GroenLinks party had argued during a local council meeting that having podium girls was outdated and sexist. Because Amsterdam is known as the gay capital, he suggested that men or drag queens should be used for at least one stage finish presentation.

You’ve got a skinny bloke with shaved legs getting excited about a pink top designed by Dolce & Gabbana. The Giro is camp enough…

I don’t mean anything bad but the sooner the Giro starts and finishes in Italy the better. This argument over the podium is amusing but why on earth is the race starting in Holland? I can just about get the Tour starting in Rotterdam, the race is so big these days it’s only a quick drive into France. But the Giro in Holland, mamma mia!