Tour of Qatar Obituary

December 28, 2016

The UCI announced today that the Tour of Qatar and the Ladies Tour of Qatar have been cancelled, a victim of their lack of success. This was the racer’s race, enjoyed by participants but it didn’t woo locals nor foreign audiences and now it’s run out of money. A UCI press release issued today cites […]

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Roads to Ride: Cormet de Roselend

December 27, 2016

Scenery, altitude, length, gradient, little traffic and variety: the Cormet de Roselend has it all. The only thing missing is celebrity status. The Tour de France has only used it a few times for the blunt reason that the pass was only tarmacked in the 1970s.

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The Christmas Holiday Quiz

December 23, 2016

A Christmas quiz with 40 questions. Some are obvious, some odd, most can’t be Googled and a few are fiendish. By all means have a go and there’s a token prize for the winner but most will probably find fun in the answers that will appear here next week. 1: Name the “Santa” dressed in […]

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What Happened to the 10 Neo-Pros For 2016?

December 21, 2016

At the start of the year ten neo-pros were picked as riders to watch. How did they get on?

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Highlights of 2016 – Part V

December 19, 2016

How to choose a fifth highlight from the year? Easy, pick several instead. There are plenty of exciting moments during the year and if it feels reductive to limit it to five, then even sticking with 10 means leaving out plenty of good times. We might find overlapping races incongruous but this can mean twice […]

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No Way To Run A Sport

December 15, 2016

Do other sports hang out their dirty washing so obviously at times? Probably but pro cycling has its moments, see how the ex-Lampre team doesn’t know if it’s going to ride or not just weeks out from the start of the new season or the farcical decision by the major races to shrink the number […]

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Highlights of 2016 – Part IV

December 13, 2016

Recollections are often biased to recent events. A list of the best albums of all time can often be disproportionately weighted with music that was riding high in the charts just the other day. So picking the Tour of Lombardy can seem a recent recollection but hopefully it stands the test of time.

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Why Have So Many French Cafés Closed?

December 9, 2016

Riding some of the Tour de France route last summer under the pretext of route recons for this website’s stage previews was a pleasure. Cycling through rural France in the height of summer is always a joy. Along the way there was a common theme of closed village cafés. Place after place so many had […]

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Supporter Kit

December 6, 2016

A reminder that supporter kit is for sale. If you’ve enjoyed reading this year then why not get something for yourself and tip some coin this way at the same time.

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Roads to Ride – The Kogashi Forest

December 3, 2016

Alpe d’Huez, Mont Ventoux, the Muur van Geraardsbergen… the Kogashi Forest. You probably know the first three so here’s a closer look at a mountain road that’s packed with passionate fans when the Japan Cup comes along.

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