Naked women’s racing

A modest proposal to make women’s racing more exciting: do it naked. The sport suffers from a lack of sponsors and reduced TV coverage. New fans would arrive, TV audiences would grow and sponsorship would rise. It needn’t be fully naked, skimpy outfits work in beach volleyball and something small would be ok for the … Read more

Races and railway lines

In this country, it is wise to kill an admiral from time to time to encourage the others Pour encourager les autres is French for “to encourage the others”. It’s a line from Voltaire’s Candide. After the naval battle of Minorca between France and Britain in 1756, Voltaire describes the British practice of shooting naval … Read more

Health & Safety

Riding a bike into the finish of a race at 40mph with riders jostling through winding European town centres is dangerous enough but yesterday’s Ruta del Sol saw a gust of wind blow a crowd barrier over into the riders path. It’s this sort of freak event that shows the risks riders have to contend … Read more