Race and relaxation

Fans might flick off the TV after watching a stage race but for the riders there are still struggles to overcome. A weak shower on the team bus followed by a long journey and more often than not, a drab hotel with boring food. Hotel accommodation can vary. Even the Tour de France sees teams … Read more

Blowing away the cobwebs

The video’s from Stage 3 of the Tour of Qatar. Watch the first few minutes if you can but if you’re in a hurry, fast forward about one minute in. You can watch the rotation of the riders, the desert wind is blowing in from the left and the group is rolling at speed in … Read more

The importance of Qatar

Deserted About this time last year I can remember watching a questionable internet stream of the Tour of Qatar. The race crossed the desert and there was little to see except the tarmac and the riders. Maybe you’d get a junction every half hour or perhaps a section of roadworks. If you were lucky you’d … Read more