Carbon recycling… or repair?

Carbon crack repair

Specialized have been trumpeting their new carbon recycling scheme and I like it. Other bike manufacturers offer similar plans and it makes sense on many fronts, indeed it is not just the cycle sector offering this, it is becoming widespread for many carbon products. Although if it sounds green, the energy processes involved in recycling don’t make this a giant leap in sustainability.

I’ve covered the manufacturing process of carbon before to show carbon is really plastic reinforced by carbon fibres. This can be undone with heat, you can melt the epoxy back out and it can be recycled.

At the same time I can’t help wonder if companies have an incentive to offer recycling plans as a means to encourage consumers to dispose of old frames and then buy new ones. It’s cynical, yes.

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Saur-Sojasun’s rubbish jersey

maillot saur-sojasun

A comment on the blog yesterday about riders ditching their waste food wrappers reminded me of a small detail worth sharing. The Saur-Sojasun jersey has two small pockets on the side for riders to put waste, for example empty gel wrappers.

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That’s Rubbish

You might have seen the story that three riders could face criminal charges following the Flèche Walloone. Personally I think criminal charges are a bit much, this smacks of a publicity operation for the politicians involved. After all, I’m writing about it now. Note it’s usually the fans who leave a mess behind, some places … Read more