Thomas Voeckler’s got over 15,000km of racing in his legs this year. But other riders have more miles… air miles. 2010 has seen the sport start with the Tour Down Under, then go to the middle-east, travelling to California and last weekend saw two races in Canada. That’s before the Worlds in Australia. And don’t … Read more

Where’s Steve Bauer?

Older readers might remember Canadian cyclist Steve Bauer. A strong rider from the mid-1980s onwards, he won a lot of races and was a the front of many more and was ranked in the top-10 best riders each year. During his career he held the yellow jersey in the Tour several times. You might also … Read more

Haircut… or close shave?

The Tour de Beauce is a Canadian stage race on right now. Yesterday’s stage finished in Thetford-Mines and as the sprint wound up… someone decided to cross the road. The race entourage, the crash barriers, the speaker over the PA system, the attendant crowds, it was as if none of it was there. captures … Read more