Welcome to new readers

Just a quick note to say welcome to the new readers on here. If you’re new to The Inner Ring then it’s worth mentioning a couple of things.

First you can read the blog via RSS or get it delivered once a day by email, just scroll down and in the right column look for the Feed Zone. This is an extra way to keep up with things. But note that the website has the full graphics and formatting.

Next up, I’m on Twitter as @inrng. As you might expect from Twitter, it’s limited in detail but fast and snappy. It’s here that you might find actual news, especially if I spot something happening in the non-English speaking media and can bring you the headline in English. It’s also full of nonsense and random thoughts too.

Also, please feel free to email any suggestions, tips, thoughts and complaints. This is a blog, a personal fiefdom, so it won’t please everyone all the time but hearing from you is always good.

Finally, I’ve got some advertising on here. This is limited to one advert per page, I want the reading experience to easy and not distracted by too many flashing adverts. I could do it without advertising… but the support helps. If you’re enjoying the blog please consider checking out the Neil Pryde website by clicking on their advert.