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Fignon’s Combativity Prize

Whilst the debate over a dropped chain rages to the extent of excluding Thomas Voeckler’s impressive win, one thing worth mentioning is the special prize awarded on the day to Laurent Fignon.

One rider a day is awarded the Prix de la Combativité, a reward for the most attacking rider of the day. Voeckler won the prize on Monday. But there was a follow-up and Fignon was invited onto the podium. The double-tour winner is now commentating for French TV but has been fighting cancer for 15 months now, so much that his voice is strained. As a reward and a gesture of support, the race organisers decided to offer him a special prize.

They picked the arrival in Luchon because the area is particular is particular to Fignon, he took the yellow jersey nearby in 1989 and today runs a hotel with dedicated cycling facilities nearby, at the foot of the Col du Tourmalet.

I for one found it nice to see him smiling on the podium. He’s an excellent commentator but too often only his strained voice is heard. Seeing him on the podium again was a nice moment. Vas-y Fignon!

Photo: cyclingnews.com