Team Rankings: Quick Step sinking

Take a look at Cycling Quotient’s team rankings, or see the screenshot below:

These are the ProTour teams which explains why the “ranking” column has gaps. Liquigas-Doimo are at the top of the table for now, not surprising given their excellent Giro but they have been taking wins everywhere this season.

Now Footon-Servetto are at the bottom, no surprise for me and perhaps you agree. Don’t forget they have some talented riders including the promising Fabio Felline but yes, I sometimes wonder what the team is doing.

Less to celebrate these days

But look who is second bottom? It’s Quick Step. For me, this is the biggest surprise. To those of you new to the sport, this team was once the world number one, especially when it was backed by Mapei. It was a force in stage races and classics alike. To see the squad right at the foot of the table is a surprise. Note Team Sky’s low place. Given its bumper budget, it should be in the top-10.

All Change
The rankings will change as stage racers and sprinters have a chance to collect wins at the expense of one day riders, so Footon could have a chance to win points. With Tom Boonen less and less of a sprinter these days Quick Step could even slip to the last place.