Contador pulls a sickie?

Maybe you’ve done it, you’ve told work that you’re not feeling well and in fact just sneak a day off work.

Well you’re not alone, it appears Alberto Contador might be up to the same thing. Several news sites have picked up on a press release that Contador will forfeit a ride in the Spanish time trial championship (he’d already declined to ride the road race) because he’s been suffering from influenza symptoms for several days. “I had wanted to defend the jersey, but unfortunately I am not in good condition and against this I can not do anything“, said Contador.

Only I’m wondering whether he’s actually ill. Because he said yesterday on Twitter that he’d just done a long ride in the mountains, hardly the sign of a someone stricken with the flu virus. There’s a bit of a gap between the official press release and the Twitter account. Is he pulling a sickie from the Spanish championships?

Either way it’s a bit disappointing that he won’t race the Spanish championships. He’s arguably Spain’s best rider and even if he risks being heavily marked in the road race, surely he’d do well to honour the race?