Those Giro Podium Girls

As ever, the Giro isn’t the Giro unless it’s got lots of women on display. The Italian Cycling Journal has already found the Playboy bunnies. But what of the podium girls, le miss del Giro?

Well La Gazzetta has interviewed them. You can watch the interview here. Even if you don’t speak Italian, take a look. The woman in the green jersey is from Uzbekistan but speaks excellent Italian and her smile is infectious! She’s a fan of Contador and is supporting Vinokourov in this year’s race.

Some more comments from the girls. The one in white likes it wilde, Oscar Wilde that is: she says he is her favourite author. Apparently they sleep twelve hours a night, no doubt to the disappointment of some riders with energy to spare. They all knew the winner from last year, Menchov, and when asked who was the most clumsy on the podium so far, the girls picked Jérôme Pineau, “he didn’t smile” said one. Maybe because Pineau was so tired after an epic breakaway but note the Frenchman suffers from depression (a serious matter and one I might return to another day).

Is this all over-compensation for the girly pink jersey? And when the weather gets better, just wait for the TV helicopter to zoom on a bikini with a rapidity and precision that would impress the crew of an Apache gunship on the hunt for rogue Taliban units in Helmand.