Where’s Steve Bauer?

Friday, 2 July 2010

Older readers might remember Canadian cyclist Steve Bauer. A strong rider from the mid-1980s onwards, he won a lot of races and was a the front of many more and was ranked in the top-10 best riders each year. During his career he held the yellow jersey in the Tour several times. You might also remember his quirky Paris-Roubaix bike.

Anyway, he’s still in the cycling world, managing Team Spidertech, a Canadian team on the US circuit. Spidertech make those weird bandages that look like a rider’s got insulation tape stuck on them.

With the Pro Tour now reaching Qu├ębec, the interest in a Canadian team is growing and Bauer’s angling for the team to join the Continental Pro ranks. Cyclismag reports that he’s hunting for a couple of million Euros in order to make the leap with to the holy grail of being eligible to start in the Tour de France.

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